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Saturday July 27, 2019

Weekend Travels...

Hey guys! This weekend, I’m traveling to a farm in Kentucky! I don’t know exactly what this means, but I’m super excited. Here I am (front) riding with my foster bro Fox being a good and sweet boy. I did need a little help to jump up in the car this morning after giving it a good college try, but once I got in I settled in really quickly. I’ll be sure to post again soon to tell you about my farm adventures!

I’m always very interested in what is going on around me. Here I am (right) inspecting the front yard. I really like my foster brother, even though he is a little older and a lot more introverted than me.

Guess what? I am now going up and down ALL the steps, ALL the time now, ALL BY MYSELF! I take them very slowly and it’s a tad awkward sometimes, but I can do it! I just decided that if I wanted to be around my people and my foster brother as much as possible, I was just going to have to conquer those steps. I’m so glad I did, because now I get to sleep next to my foster mom on a comfy pallet she made me on the floor. I’ve been sleeping through the night, too!

I can’t make the meet and greet this week because of my adventures, but I hope to see everyone, people and hounds, next weekend!!!!

Saturday July 20, 2019

New Adventures!

So, my foster dad took me to this thing called a dog park on Friday. No worries, he took me early before it got too hot. There weren’t any long skinny doggos like me, but a lot of other kinds and I was very interested in getting to know them all. I didn’t try to race them, I didn’t want them to feel bad about themselves-you know I would have smoked ‘em! Have you seen my hammies?

Then, on Saturday, my foster bro and I loaded up and went to the greyhound meet and greet! It was great! I may have come in a little hot, but I just couldn’t help myself-I was so excited to see other hounds and people who love hounds. I’m learning what my foster mom calls “manners”-apparently you aren’t supposed to jump up when you meet someone new and you shouldn’t pull on your leash. I’m eager to please the humans, so I’ll keep trying!

Here I am amongst my new and old friends at the meet and greet. I got to see my buddy Rock, who retired last Saturday too, and made the trip to Nashville with me!

And here I am on the ride home from the meet and greet! You would think my foster mom and dad’s house is far away, but no! They live about 5 minutes from the Petsmart! I was just so happy and content, I was able to get really relaxed, really fast! And-I jumped up into the car all by myself today! Yay, me!

Thursday July 18, 2019

Another Day, Another Discovery!

Today I discovered toys! They come in all shapes and sizes and some of them even make a noise! I gathered each one, checked it’s quality, and collected them in my crate. My foster mom called me a hoarder, but I consider myself to be more of a collector of fine things.

My foster mom wanted me to tell you how great I am with my crate! All she has to do is stand next to it and ask me to get in and I go! She gushes on and on about what a good boy I am, but really it’s no big deal. I don’t even mind spending 6-7 hours at a time in there while my foster mom and dad are at work. I just catch up on my beauty sleep! And I even like to hang out in there with the door open at night when my people are home. That bed is super comfy in there!

I’m thinking I’d like to make an appearance at the meet and greet this weekend, hope to see you there!

Tuesday July 16, 2019

The First Day of Retirement...

Was AWESOME! I took a car ride with my buddies, and ended up in Nashville. I took another car ride to my temporary home. My foster dad gave me a little boost up in the car and I laid down rode like a dream. I’ll keep practicing until I’m brave enough to do it myself!

My foster parents thought I would love a little social time at a festival at the park, so I borrowed my foster brother’s racing silk and went! My foster mom said I was a great advocate (whatever that is) for all the hounds. A lot of people wanted to meet me and ask questions so I was very well behaved and was as calm as I could muster, but I was sure to give a lot of tail wags!

I met little doggos, and even a cat on a leash! I was calm cool, and collected! I do share my foster home with 2 cats who are not on leashes, and I prefer to steer clear of them. I’m just not sure about them yet.

I even met tiny humans! I was gentle and sweet and let them pet me with my foster parents keeping a close eye on me. I don’t think I would mind one bit sharing my home with some of those! We could have fun!

Did I mention I’m photogenic? I like to smile for pictures!

Things I’m working on:

Jumping in and out of the car

Going up and down steps (I’m quite selective right now. I will go up and down the outside steps at my current home independently, but need LOTS of help and encouragement to go up and down the inside steps.)

I did like to mark things when I first arrived, but I could tell my foster parents weren’t very happy with this behavior. I would like to brag and say this hasn’t happened inside the house in 2 days now. The belly band helped some, but now I’m spending more time out of it than in it, and haven’t made any mistakes! Yay me!

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