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Thursday July 4, 2019

Any food for me?

Foster Mom is in the kitchen so I like to stay close just in case she has something tasty for me. I'm still a little underweight so I get extra food and treats - lucky me! I went to Meet and Greet last weekend and met so many nice people and hounds. Lots of people said my nose and overbite (whatever that is) are so cute!

I think I like this retirement thing. I like sleeping on comfy beds and playing with toys and my foster brother Bacon. Foster Mom has to keep a tight hold on my leash when we go outside because I really want to chase all the little furry things...

Monday June 17, 2019

Life is Good

I am up for just about everything. I walk like a champ on wood floors. I’ve mastered “kennel up.” I played with a stuffie as soon as I found one. I’ve slept in every bed in my foster home. Am I boastful? I’m just happy to be retired.

My foster family says I’m pretty adorable, too. I treat everyone like my best friend, and I’m polite about it. My mama taught me manners. I obviously was not born in a barn! I love getting scratches. May I lay my head across your lap while you get the spots I can’t reach? I give a soft little kiss when I am especially happy. Even though I’m super lovable, I stay in my crate and seldom complain. They tell me here to “settle.” I know what I’m supposed to do. I already stay out of the kitchen, almost without reminders. I’m a good dog. I still bark loudly at the cats and I’d chase if I could. I hardly see them anymore; they don’t like me. I am TRYING to “Leave it” but I will need a lot of practice if I ever can be polite to them. When I gain enough weight you’ll notice I’m a big boy. I’m taller than my tall foster brother and just as long. I’m TOTALLY loving retirement. I may not easily live with a cat but I could easily live as an only dog. I kind of ignore the pups here. All I need is my own person to hug and lean on.

Saturday June 15, 2019

I Love Everything

I’m Deuce. I just arrived with my friends and boy am I happy! I love car rides. I sleep the whole time. I love people; I like to lean on them. And boy I love stuffies. Noticing a pattern here? Yep. I love everything! I love the cat too much. But everyone else loves me back. Living in a home is new to me. I have a lot to learn. As long as I have a human to take care of, I’ll be happy. I almost forgot: I’m a little skinny so there’s one more thing I love. I love food! And those treat things. I love those, too. And next I want to ditch my lamb and shake that stuffed bear over there. More from me later. I’m pretty sleepy.


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