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Saturday August 10, 2019

Tired Greyhound

Hello everyone. This is me Love after an exhausting day at the meet and greet today. I met a really nice couple today and I am going to visit them later this week and meet their other dogs. After we came home I had some lunch and went to bed and totally zoned out.

Nothing could get me up. Not even TREATS! Maybe I will wake up to eat dinner.

Monday July 15, 2019

Greyt Day

Hello everyone. Love here. I just wanted to let everyone know I had a very good day today. I had an appointment with my doctor this morning and when we started out for the very first time I loaded in the car all by myself!!! My foster mom was sooo proud of me! On the return trip I didn't do so well but hey it's a start right? My doctor said I am looking really good and doing very well. I got my Rabies vaccination too. I was very stoic. On Saturday I practiced going on a home visit for the first time. So I have been pretty busy. Foster mom said she is going to post a few pictures so you can see what I have been doing.

Me on guard.

One of my favorite sleeping positions.

Me and one of my foster sisters outside.

See how calm and brave I am? When this noisy thing called a vacuum cleaner comes into a room my foster sisters leave but I am not scared of it. I am a big brave boy and they are girls ;-)

Thursday July 4, 2019


Happy July 4 everyone! I decided to go and lay in the yard for a few minutes. Not too long though. Didn't want to get s sunburn or too hot.

One of my favorite sleeping positions is to lie on my side with my legs up against a piece of furniture or a wall.

This picture is to show you how calm and laid back I am! Mardy (a greyhound's best friend) is doing my nails and I didn't let it interrupt my rest at all!!

Sunday June 30, 2019

Relaxing on Sunday

Hey everyone. I went to my first meet and greet Saturday morning at PetsMart. I met and greeted lots of other greyhounds and people. Very exciting! Also met a couple dogs that were not greyhounds and we exchanged courteous sniffs too. It was an exhausting day for me so today I am just hanging out and sleeping.

Friday June 28, 2019

Hanging Out

Me and one of the resident girls resting together.We all get along great.

This is me and the other girl I am staying with. I don't need a soft bed just like to share a bit. Do we look relaxed?

One of my favorite things to do is to lie on the floor with my backside next to the AC vent. Pretty cool huh?

Friday June 28, 2019


Hi my name is Love and boy does it fit me. I am a big bundle of love in one handsome package!! I also have a very unique look. Kind of like I am going to a masquerade party :-)

Since I am young and new to living in a home with 2 lady greyhounds everyday is an adventure and learning experience.

One very important thing is to go outside to potty. So when I need to go I walk to this thing called a door and my foster mom opens this door and out I go. When I am done and have explored the yard for awhile I come back to this door and it opens and I walk back in. Pretty great huh?

Another thing I have learned about are these things you go up and down called steps. At first they were pretty scary and i needed some extra encouragement (did anyone say treats?) but now I am a professional stepper!!

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