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Kimberly Hoover

Saturday June 8, 2019

In A Relationship

You will meet me and you will love me! I am just that sweet and lovable. It's true - I love all people and will shamelessly relish in all the affection you care to give. And when you're done loving on me, I may give you a nudge or two just to let you know you dont have to stop on my account and then I'm either off to bless the next person with my presence or off to take a snooze in my kennel. I'm a pretty laid back no fuss go-with-the-flow kinda girl.

My human is not so keen on me just helping myself to her food so she's teaching me something called manners. Personally, I don't see a need for them and I'm not to crazy about learning them but she insists so I'm learning how to stay "back" when my human eats.

And apparently, pushing through every doorway my human goes through is a no-no too so I'm learning how to "stay" as well. Manners Smanners. Not a fan but we'll give it a try but only because there are treats involved and im all about the treats!

I'm not positive, but I'm fairly certain human expects me to just jump into the SUV but i see it as my duty to help her increase her upper body strength so I make her lift all my 71 lbs of dead weight. She'll thank me when she wears a sleeveless blouse this summer.

I got to go to the dog park early this morning when there were only a few dogs there. I was super excited to see more people and other dogs because that means lovings from the people and playing chase with the dogs! It took a while for my human to trust that all was good before she let me off the leash and even more time to take the muzzle off. I was becoming impatient but she finally did and boy oh boy did we have fun! I chased them and they chased me and that lasted like 3 minutes before they collapsed in exhaustion. I tried to get them to chase again but they didn't budge. They were pooped puppets. My human called for me so I sauntered on over, let her leash me and lift me into the SUV (remember.....toned arms are my gift to her) and we went home. My human lounged on the couch so I got in my crate and didnt move a muscle for an hour and a half.

This being a pet stuff is awesome!

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