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Brandy Shedd

Saturday May 11, 2019

Handsome boy

Jafar is one of the handsomest greys I’ve fostered. He is a white and red “cow dog”. This guy isn’t just about looks though he is very sweet and loves attention. He is what we call a Velcro dog meaning he follows you everywhere. Just like in this pic.

Jafar isn’t reserved or shy like some greys he seems to warm up instantly. He has done well with my dachshund and cat. We even had a rabbit in the yard and it lived to see another day. Dumb rabbit!

Jafar does well outside the crate and will go in his crate but if I’m home and he’s in his crate he will let you know he doesn’t want to be there. I have left him out of the crate while I’ve gone to run errands for a couple hours and he behaved well. He isn’t a jumper whether it’s on people or furniture. He did counter surf once trying to get an early bite of dinner and got a stern “no sir” and he hasn’t done it since. He seems to pick up well on being told no.

Here’s a pic status post a stern no. He was trying to chew on the bed like it was an oversized toy. He immediately stopped which is this innocent looking face and has not attempted it again. During bedtime he sleeps out of the crate and in my bedroom. He has done well with this. He does wake up sometimes around 2-4 and will nose my leg but will go lay back down.

Overall he’s a sweet handsome guy with lots of love to give and a willingness to learn.

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