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Teron Butler

Sunday March 24, 2019

I meet-ed, I greet-ed, I won someone over!

Wouldn't you know it, my very first meet and greet and already someone thinks I'll make a greyt match! With a wink (and a bit of stink) like this, who could resist?

Friday March 22, 2019

Merck? Not me.

Hi! I'm Merek (like you're saying America without the A's, or marriage with a K instead of a G). I'm sure that whoever named me must have spelled it wrong--what kind of a name is Merck?

Anyways, things have been pretty great so far. I think I finally settled on a foster family, even though it was a lot of work! I haven't had any accidents, I'm okay with my crate (the beds are better though), and I definitely love playing with toys!! I'll even chase a tennis ball, which foster mom says is pretty weird for a greyhound. I do have a pretty high prey drive and I can focus my attention with lightning speed, so that may be why. I don't understand why foster mom won't let me run after all the birds and squirrels... lame.

I went to work with foster mom today (I'm on the brown bed) and boy, let me tell you... the joke was on her! My greyhound farts were a fabulous addition to her lab space; I even made one of her coworkers get up and leave the room, and tried to follow her out! Foster mom says that they might get less stinky with time, but I know my future family will love being able to fart and blame it on me :)

Foster sister has helped me learn how to go up and down open-backed stairs, albeit clumsily, and how to ride in an elevator. She's scared of shiny floors, but I'll walk on just about anything--I will walk on pavement over grass any day, but I'm not scared of it (at least that's what I tell foster mom...).

Overall, I think I like this retirement thing. Can I retire with you??

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