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Monday March 25, 2019

Monday March 25, 2019

Not an action shot

I am cozy as can be sleeping like this while my foster mom works from home. I know she’s jealous of me and my ultimate snooze pose.

Monday March 25, 2019

My new human friend

Monday March 25, 2019

I’m a downtown dog now!

So I’m in a new foster home as of today, surprise everyone! I kept getting spooked by one of my foster parents for no particular reason so I got switched into a new home to see if I’d do better there. I am doing great with all types of people so far - I have no particular issues with men, women, tall people, short people, any skin color, kids, cats, etc. I’m an everybody-hound.

My new foster home has a beagle and a cat (pictured above...she was showing me the view from her favorite spot in the apartment). I get along with both of them great, but I still love my own kind more.

In my last foster home I was always with the two resident greyhounds, which was fantastic because I never felt alone (they’re my people, ya know). I slept with them, was crated near them, and always had a familiar buddy. Here, however, is a little different. For bed, the resident beagle and cat left me all alone so they could go sleep with their foster mom, and I was alone in the living room all night. I whined about it because...well....hey! You wouldn’t want to be alone on your first night in a new home either! So New Foster Mom let me in the bedroom to sleep near her and the resident dog and cat, and then I was so much better. I think this first night was just rough because I’m new here, but maybe my future home would be best with other animal residents who I can be close to.

Saturday March 23, 2019

On Duty

I have found my new job...I guard the door. That way, the other dogs in the room can't get out without going past me. Sneaky, huh?

I've had a fabulous week. No. 1 - the bump on my left rear leg (you can sort of see it in this picture. It's down toward the bottom of my foot) isn't cancer. I think they used the word "nine" but I don't have nine of anything so I'm not sure about that. Whopee! I'm adoptable and I'm small animal safe!!

# 2, my weight is up to 68.5 pounds. Pretty soon I'll be back up to my racing weight of 71. How about that? It's going to suck tho, because when I get there, they will stop feeding me lunch!

Today, I'll be at the Bumpus Harley Davidson dealership in Murfreesboro for Meet and Greet from 11-1 Come by if you get the chance.

Monday March 18, 2019

Sunny Monday

Don't you love this sunny weather? Boy, I do. As a racing dog, I've never had the luxury of asking to go out and stay out as long as I'd like so yesterday, I layed out on the deck a lot. Oops. Bad idea.

I got a sunburn on my nose, belly and bare behind. Yowy. Just like my two-legged friends, I can get skin cancer from to much sun. So, I'm adjusting my sunbathing schedule to avoid those intense hours between 10 a.m.-3 p.m. That should help. Some dog sunscreen would help, too. Gotta get the two-leggeds to look into that.

Meanwhile, this whole living-as-a-pet thing is going pretty well. I'm not so freaked by my reflection in the storm door and I love laying in the livingroom in the evening while the two-leggeds stare at that box. Still a bit unsure about those big wheely things on the ceiling, even if I do like the down-draft they make. I'm eating well and almost back up to my racing weight. Still waiting to hear about the biopsy on the bump on my back left leg. Should know more tomorrow.

Monday March 11, 2019

More New Friends

This is my new best friend, Russell Rine. Don't we look good together?

We were at the Spring Hill M&G yesterday where we met for the first time and we bonded right away. His greyhound, Hannah, (you can see her on the floor on the red bed) wasn't too thrilled with the bro-mance but we hit it off like gangbusters.

Russell fed me treats and walked me and kept his hand on me the whole time. He did confess I can't come home with him, but assurred me there's someone out there for me. IS IT YOU??

Sunday March 10, 2019

Natural Charmer

Wow. New person in the house. Someone willing to pet me and feed me. I love this pet stuff. This is so much more interesting than the racing kennel.

Thursday March 7, 2019

Ear Alert

How about these ears? Like them? They're so pointy I think you could cut cheese with them! I show them off as often as possible. It's been a busy week here. I've gained 8 pounds, so I'm up to 61 pounds...just 11 more to go. Not bad for having been in town less than a week.

I've learned to ask to go out...no housebreaking mistakes...yeah, me! and conquered the four open back steps on the deck. I like to follow the resident hounds around and take frequent naps in my crate.

I've also been to see the nice people at Grassmere Animal Hospital for x-rays of my broken leg and also the bump on my other leg. They took a little chunk of the bump and sent it off to be looked at. Guess we'll find out next week what that's about.

Monday March 4, 2019

Home Sweet Home

Don't I look natural? Here I am — a B&W dog sacked out on a B&W bed. Being a sweet boy is easy for me and it's turned out to be a full-time job I'm good at. My other job right now is gaining weight. I've got 19 lbs to put on and I'm loving every minute of it. Okay, so it's not the same food as at the track, but the kibble's good, especially when they add yogurt. Amd there are bones to chew and peanut butter in my Kong and bedtime snacks like a heaping helping of pumpkin. What a life!

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