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Thursday April 11, 2019

Found this comfy pillow...

I wanted to take a quick nap in the living room and found this comfy pillow. Foster Mom keeps saying something about it actually being my foster sister Love's favorite toy, but I think she's confused...

Sunday March 24, 2019

Snuggling up with my foster brother

Foster mom had a little trouble figuring out where I had settled down last night. All the comfiest beds were taken, so I decided to squeeze right in next to my foster brother Bacon. I'm sure he doesn't mind, right?

Saturday March 23, 2019

Back from a home visit

This is my "I'm tired after my home visit" face. Mr. Carter said I did very well and was great with the people, but I wasn't so sure about the resident beagle.

I've settled in really well in my foster home and love to play with my foster brother Bacon. Foster Mom will try to catch a video and post it to my blog so everyone can see how cute I am.

Here's hoping I find my forever family soon. Surely someone is looking for a sweet, playful young pup like me!

Saturday February 23, 2019

Raven, Part 1

Every day is an adventure with Raven! She's still got a lot of puppy energy, so it was hard to capture her standing still! She was a little tentative around us at first but has warmed up to the resident humans and hounds.

It took Raven a little while to figure out the household routine, but she's had no accidents the past few days. She has a curious, mischievous personality - she likes to take our remote controls to her dog bed and has unraveled a few rolls of TP.:)

Raven went on a home visit today - it wasn't her time, but she will bring a lot of joy and energy to someone's home. She is a sweetheart who loves attention and to romp in the house or yard with other dogs.

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