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Spencer Hall & Ashley Mott

Tuesday January 8, 2019


BB was immediately good with slippery tile/hardwood floors. Her stair game needed work. While she still has more work to do she has greatly improved from the first day...

Credit: @Ashley Mott

Sunday January 6, 2019

First Night

Bye Bye had a long day coming up to Nashville from Birmingham! This beautiful girl has a salt, pepper, and paprika face. On the car ride home she struggled a bit to deal with the back seat, but she got the hang of it and enjoyed putting her head out the window.

First Impressions:

- Bye Bye is very sweet. If you like having a delicate little nose placed on your arm while you're at the computer desk with no uncertain terms asking for pets this girl is for you. If you like being stopped with a body in front of your path ready for rubs this girl is for you. She will stay still for as long as your hands are working their magic.

-Her left ear is a flooper! It plops itself on top of her noggin and stays there.

-We're working on stairs. She was a bit apprehensive at first but she is slowly growing accustomed to them (we have two steps in the front and four in the back) but sometimes she does end up just hopping up/down the last few.

-Bye Bye is needs a bit of time to understand personal space when it comes to humans and their food.

-She is NOT a fan of getting in the kennel. She'll go in eventually but she needs some encouragement. While she might whine for a minute she'll settle down eventually (time depending on what is going on around her while she's kenneled)

- Mirrors are a weird thing. She is VERY interested in the mirror that she can see the bottom of. She'll try and get up to see it and will look to it and whine. (I'll try and get a video)

-Finally this girl LOVESLOVESLOVES toys. Expect to spoil her with toys that she will gratefully and lovingly destroy (squeaky ones are best)

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