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Sunday April 14, 2019

Spring has Sprung!

Miss Hero has continued to come out of her shell since our last update. She has been so happy that the weather is warmer because this gal absolutely loves to be outside. She trots around so freely! Inside, she continues to spend most of her time between the two crates we have set up for her-one upstairs and one downstairs-moving freely between them since we leave the doors open when we are home.

We have made fairly regular visits to the meet and greets at 100 Oaks. She loves the car ride and she loves to see her greyhound friends. Socializing with greyhound-loving people has been great for her, too. The picture above is her holding court amongst all the other greys!

But as you can see, sometimes things can get a little awkward on the way to the meet and greet. 😂 she was so eager to see out the back window she walked under foster brother Fox instead of around! One advantage of being extra-petite, I guess!

One last story-last weekend we travelled and Phil and Michelle were so kind to keep Hero for us (thanks again!). When I picked her up, she bounded out of her crate and had tail wags for me! I thought that was such a breakthrough for the dog that came to us and had to be leashed to come out of her crate. I know she will love her person or people fiercely when she lands in her forever home if given a fair bit of time and patience. And it will be so rewarding!

Monday March 4, 2019

Weekend Warrior

Miss Hero made her second trip to the Meet and Greet at 100 Oaks on Saturday. She was a little shy and timid, but she received a lot of good attention from people and hounds alike. She did really well, and her tail wasn’t nearly as tucked as it was the first go-round. She was perfectly behaved for her nail trim! Of course I forgot to grab a picture of her there, but here she is riding like a dream on the way home. Bonus: she is petite enough that she can wear extra large sweaters off the rack! We borrowed this one from an extra large poodle friend, but how much fun will it be to play dress up? 👗

Hero loves to be outside! Even though it was pretty chilly today, she let me know she wanted to go out on several occasions. She and resident hound Fox even made a few laps around the backyard, it was really fun to watch. Excuse the blurriness of the pic, I’m sure most of you understand the challenges of catching our hounds in action.

Hero has definitely made some strides in adapting to retirement, but she may always have some special tendencies (preferring her crate to being out in the open, preferring to walk behind rather than in front, etc.). I do know she is a sweet and well behaved gal and I am thankful for The time she has spent with us-she has taught us a lot!

Saturday February 16, 2019

Now Appearing....

Hi Everybody! Hero here! Come meet me tomorrow, February 17, at the Greyhound Winter Gathering! See you there! ❤️

Sunday February 3, 2019

Becoming Hero....

All in all, I’d say this petite gal has had a great weekend! She still definitely prefers to hang out in her crate, but she is so well behaved we leave the door open most of the time and she doesn’t just hang out in the back.

We attended the Meet and Greet this weekend, just to see how she would do. Well, she did great! This girl loves a car ride, so that was an added bonus. When we were there, she was definitely timid, but seemed to enjoy the company of other greys. I am kicking myself for not snapping a pic while we were there!

Proof that Hero does venture out of her crate! She is growing more curious about what we are doing when we are out of her vision, and tries to creep up to check out what’s going on. It’s pretty cute.

We got out for a little bit today to enjoy this beautiful day! I continue to believe that Hero would do best in a quiet home with another greyhound to help her keep learning the ropes. She seems so much more confident when she has our Fox’s lead to follow. She stuck pretty close to him the whole time. Again, our Fox is pretty oblivious to this role, so he just does his own thing....

We feel better using a harness with her because she has been so skittish. She walks great on lead, and seemed to really enjoy being out.

Did I mention she’s great at going up and down steps?

The best picture I could get of her sweet little face this afternoon. She’s a little camera-shy.

Thursday January 24, 2019

Learning the Ropes of Retirement

Hero came to our house Monday, January 7. It has taken her a bit to settle in, in fact it is fair to say she is still a work in progress. This gal was still racing a few short months ago, so I’m sure adjusting to retirement is quite a difficult task.

What I do know about Hero:

Her safe space is her crate. She prefers to eat, sleep, rest, and observe from there. She will briefly come out and make a round or two around the den to explore, but then will retreat to her crate. I do think that as she settles into a retired lady’s lifestyle, she will definitely spend more time on the outside. She definitely has been showing some interest in finding out what we are doing if we are out of view.

She is not interested in our kitty cats.

She is sweet, and likes to have her chest rubbed when she is hanging out inside her crate. She is a little bit more difficult to be affectionate with if she is outside her crate.

She is a rock star at going up and down steps. A whole flight at a time!

She is a dream on car she rides-immediately lays down!

She has the cutest and most expressive ears!

What I *think* about Hero:

She may do best in a more quiet home, and with another grey who takes his or her retirement very seriously to serve as her “retirement mentor”. Our hound Fox, who is pretty aloof, has been unknowingly serving in this role since her arrival.

She does not seem to be aggressive in the slightest. Initially she did growl at Fox, but it was only a time or two, when she was in her crate with food. I think it was more out of fear and a desire to protect her safe space.

Big progress this week, as she began taking treats right out of our hands! Very gently!

We can’t wait to keep you updated on Hero’s discovery of how great retirement will be!

See, I wasn’t lying about her cute ears!

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