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Eric & Grayce Fleet

Monday January 14, 2019

The couch potato

Monkey stole the blanket waiting to be washed instead of laying on his mat beside the bar in the kitchen.

If you can't beat him...join him. We moved the mat to the spot where he was laying on the blanket - win-win!

Tuesday January 8, 2019

The Good and the Bad :)

Chunky Monkey responds to his full name, but not any nicknames.

He likes to jump up to greet you when you return from being away. We are working on this.

He totally ignores the cat and feels intimidated when the cat stares at him. LOL

He is quickly learning not to counter surf and responds well when told "no!"

He is allowed on one chair, but not the couch. He is figuring that out quickly.

He eats all of his food and leaves the fish oil pill in the bottom of his bowl, or he picks out the pill and puts it on the floor next to him. LOL We will try putting it in peanut butter.

He walked into the glass door once (even though he has been in and out of the door many times). Post it notes on the glass helps.

He is really sweet and loves being right by your side. He loves food and the idea of food :)

Tuesday January 8, 2019

Day 1-3

Chunky Monkey's first night went great! He slept in his kennel from midnight to 8am without a peep!

If I am getting stuff done in my room, he enjoys laying down in his kennel, but otherwise he follows me around like a shadow :)

He even followed me in to the bathroom so I could brush my teeth!

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