401(Grey) Investor

Foster Family

Karen Daus

Monday February 25, 2019

Joe in Foster Home

At first, Joe was very underweight but he is now back up to his racing weight. He loves - I mean - really loves his meals and special treats. Joe has greatly improved in not counter surfing all the time since he had regained weight.

Joe’s favorite sleeping position...he also is very good at sharing his bed with the other dogs in the house. He is playful and enjoys hanging with the other dogs. He is a too rough and focused around little dogs.

Joe lounging with his dog friends.

Joe has learned to enjoy rides in a car - he still needs assistance to get in the car as it bothers his leg but once he is in, he settles in and relaxes. He loves hanging with kids and being snuggled on❤️

This is his “please give me something to eat” face! Joe is a goof ball at times and likes to play silly games and is really great at hoarding things is his bed...

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