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Ethan Pritchard & Carrie L Pritchard

Friday January 11, 2019

I’m Ready

My foster mom says I’ve graduated from boot camp. I guess that means I am going to make someone a really good dog. Maybe I will get my own family tomorrow? My paws are crossed!

Sunday January 6, 2019

Choose Me

Martin here, again. I have impeccable grammar, no? That’s not all . . . I have a gorgeous fur coat, a winning grin, and I always shake hands (or paws) when I meet you . . . Every time I meet you! Better to be too polite than rude, yes?

As you can see, I am tired of waiting. My foster mom says I’m a little more work than those easy-going, submissive dogs and I’m WAY worth it! She calls me Marley sometimes. I don’t know why. That’s not my name . . . Weird, right? Back to being

tired. . . so tired of playing the game. . . Oops. Sorry, I think I have ADD, Additional Dietary-items Deficit. I meant I want somebody to love. No, I NEED somebody to love. Have I charmed you yet? Not quite? Move in closer. Consider yourself hugged. Disclaimer: Real hugs available, on demand, at a home really near you! Go ahead. . . I’ll make your day, everyday!

Thursday January 3, 2019

Christmas Hound

I just found out about these beds. I usually sleep in my open crate but my foster brother has it right now and I don’t like going to the bedroom alone. Actually, I sleep in the crate in the living room where my foster sister sleeps. But I picked up this stuffie and the bed seemed like a good place to take it. Wouldn’t I make next year’s Christmas card spectacular?

I was soooo cold today. My foster sister let me borrow her jammies. I like these, too—now that they’re on! I am constantly in motion so I had only one leg in for a while. I didn’t know what my foster boy was doing to me!

I’m finding lots of new things to like. But my favorite thing hasn’t changed. I nestle my head into your lap or lay it on your shoulder to hug you. Sometimes my hugs get, well, bigger than that. My foster mom has taught me to keep my feet on the floor instead of on her. She knows it’s hard for me to do that because sometimes I fold up one leg to lay in her lap, my sneaky way of getting into her lap. I’m learning but I’m puppy like and boisterous at times. If you meet me, be prepared for the occasional sneak hug attack!

Tuesday January 1, 2019

I’ve got mail—I mean manners!

I’m all settled in and I am much more settled. I love approaching and getting love more often than most hounds, but I now will walk away on command and I also enjoy a good nap in my crate. I’ve learned lots of stuff, like “Go to bed,” “shake,” and out of the kitchen. But I almost never go in the kitchen anymore. I still approach humans with my signature grin!

I don’t really like it when other hounds get too close to my crate. I’m learning I can ignore them. I am definitely more interested in the people here. The hounds are just kind of in my way! I settle for bed as soon as its time, and I sleep until I hear activity. I just go back to sleep if it’s early, until I need to go outside. I don’t have any problem being left on my own for 2 or 3 hours in my crate, and I have never had an accident in the house. I navigate most stairs and all wood floors perfectly. Foster mom says, I am a really “good boy.” Those words make me really happy.

Thursday December 27, 2018

Addicted to Love

Yep . . .you might as well face it. If you’re looking for an independent pup that sleeps all day and comes to see you on occasion I’m NOT your kind of hound. My foster mom thinks I’ll get less clingy over time, but I’ll always be more “loving” than most other pups. I’m basically a large puppy. I’m so food motivated you’ll swear I’m part shark!

Every little bit, I come with a grin to see you. I bury my head in your lap and give you my paw, then I prepare my surprise! Quick as a wink, I’m hugging you with a paw on each of your shoulders. I love hugging as much as I love food. Sometimes I surprise you when you’re walking.

My foster mom is teaching me “enough” and helping me keep my paws on the floor. It will take a while for me to learn to hug without using my paws. It’s my #1 favorite way to adore humans. If you would like a grinning, playful, hugging pup who will love you to the moon and back and kiss your face, I’m your guy. My foster mom says I’m a smart dog, so I can learn to just shake, and not hug, when I’m with kids and unsuspecting people even if I hug my favorite human. Since I already “shake” I can learn pretty quick with your help.

I am still getting comfortable with sleeping in the bedroom crate at night. I eventually settle and sleep. I’m a curious boy. If anything stirs, I’m awake to play, at any time of night. I like to greet the sun and start my day early.

Monday December 24, 2018

Say that you love me!

Everybody—I’m here and my name is Coach Martin. But you can call me Marty, or you can call me Martin, just don’t call me late for dinner because I’ll cry then faint. My foster mom says I should tell you how special I am. I chose Fleetwood Mac for my blog title because it sums me up. Food and love—I’ll do tricks for those. I can grin, shake hands, roach and sit on my backside. Greyhounds sometimes have trouble learning that, but not me! I’m a sweet, easy going boy. I get along with everyone, cats, dogs . . . everyone, even if I just met them. No kidding, though, when food comes out I become a 150-pound hunk, craning my neck and extending my tongue like an ant-eater hoping to get a lick. I just can’t wait. My foster mom says “You’ll get fed faster if you wait nicely.” I think she made that up. I’m learning “out of the kitchen” to go with my other good deeds. I thought it was heaven to find food just sitting out all for me! How was I to know it wasn’t mine? But, I’m a good boy so I come when you call me, even when I am shopping in the kitchen. My last trick is that I can make anybody into a rock star. That’s right, if you’re with me, you’ll feel like a rock star because I will adore you. I guess I am supposed to be careful, but just like when food comes, when people sit at my height, I can’t help but hug them. I put my paws on your shoulders and bury my head into your tummy or lap. Don’t all humans like hound hugs? Hmm. Not in your lap you say? I’ll work on that.

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