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Andra & Glenn Crandell

Sunday December 30, 2018

Silly Star

My goodness! Even though there was a perfectly good, empty dog bed right in front of this one, Star decided she had room to squeeze in next to the resident hound! He took it well, and they stayed like this for a little while! Today she jumped into the back of the van all by herself! She just keeps getting more comfortable with home life. She is a sweet girl!

Tuesday December 25, 2018

Sweet Star

Star is a super sweet girl! She has been with us for a week over the craziness of Christmas with presents and visiting Grandpa, and she has handled all of it like a champ! She is finally figuring out where the soft, cozy beds are, and she definitely likes to be where we are. She gets along well with the resident hound, does her business on leash great, walks pretty well, and has had no accidents in the house! We are still working on stairs - she doesn't really want to go up or down the big inside staircase. She loves ear scritches and she chatters when she gets excited! She even roached for the first time this week! Lots more to come!!

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