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Foster Family

Karen Daus

Wednesday December 26, 2018

My First Days....

Hi my name is Distinct but my foster mom has been calling me Dizzy. I have settled in well since coming off the track this past weekend. I have met the other dogs (border collies) in my foster home - I don’t really play with them but I do follow and hang out with them. I have learned a lot in just a short time - how to walk on stairs and wood floors and what no and good girl means. Like hearing those good girl words!! I have been working on wait, getting into a car and how to feel comfortable sharing space with the other dogs. I have also found out that I like to run around with stuffed toys and to look at my reflection.

This afternoon I went on a walk - I was very interested in everything I saw - cars, kids on skateboards, baby strollers and other dogs. I would just stop and stare at these new things but when foster mom said come on - I would start walking again. Really enjoyed my walk.

Look at my beautiful ears!

Before I settle in on my bed, I like to sit and relax first...

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