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Thursday December 20, 2018

Lazy days together

Photo of greyhound Star with not-so-grey hound Copper.

Star is pretty tolerant of our resident high-energy border terrier. She does not like to play and romp (as of yet) so it's mostly just looks and sniffs.

Star can get overwhelmed and hide when Copper gets really riled up to play with the humans.

Monday December 17, 2018

Sweet Sweet Starry

Starry Skies has learned about retirement this past week, and so far some of her favorite things include:

Napping in comfy beds. If afternoon naps were a sport, she would easily take 1st.

Getting pets and love from humans. Nothing beats a neck/ear rub after a good nap!

Eating breakfast and dinner and making sure to lick the bowl clean.

She is a pro at going down stairs and up normal stairs. She is working hard to master the open back stairs going up.

She likes going on walks and eliminates well on lead.

She is shy around new people and pups.

She would be a great addition to a home with lots of love to give (and a nice comfy nap spot :) )!

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