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Greg Klein & Randall Ratley

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Sunday January 6, 2019

Spring time in January

I’m loving the weather this weekend. I can stretch out in the yard and have all kinds of fun. My foster parents said I’m doing great on many fronts and just need to work on a few things. I’m a big cuddler and love attention but also like my personal space. I need to learn to share spaces all the time. I also am working on being alone. A couple hours is ok right now but I am working on keeping calm after the humans have been gone longer than that.

Monday December 24, 2018

Is that present for me ?

Kristen has been a good house guest and is settling in nicely to life in a home. She is a little protective of her bed and toys but has caught the Christmas spirit and is sharing now. She lets us know when it’s time to go out and loves lots ear rubs.

Thursday December 20, 2018

Feeling festive

I’m usually a very happy go lucky girl but I don’t know what to think about this dress up game my foster parents are playing. I’m almost all recovered from my trip to the vet to get spayed so I’ll be ready to start showing off my moves at home visits soon.

Tuesday December 18, 2018

Quite a busy week

Sorry it has taken me so long to tell you about myself. I've really been on the go since last week. I made the trip from a farm in OK all the way to Nashville. Then I moved into a foster home that has two fun greyhound friends who have a couple humans to wait on them. They told me to just relax and let the humans take care of me, so that's what I'm doing

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