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Merry Christmas in honor of Tamahra Ramsay.

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Sunday December 23, 2018

Merry Christmas from Jackie!

Jackie made the trip from Nashville to my family’s farm in Kentucky for Christmas. She rode like a dream, but clearly prefers a rear-facing seat. Here she is co-piloting with resident hound, Fox:

There are lots of new sights, sounds, and smells that come with a visit to the farm and Jackie has handled everything in stride! She is so adaptable! She seems to really like observing new things.

She has learned her name and is about 75% on coming when called. Coming down stairs, check, just needs a little extra time and praise for a job well done. Upstairs, well, we would rather not, and still need a fair amount of help and encouragement. 2-3 steps are a breeze for this gal, but a flight is still pretty intimidating, it seems. We will continue to work on this daily.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday December 13, 2018

Strike a Pose!

Jackie has made some good strides this week in her retirement! She continues to be as sweet as can be. We have been leaving her outside her crate when we’ve been away, and I really think that other than getting up to get a drink of water or two, she just stays on her bed! Maybe it’s the Christmas music we play when we leave, but she really is so well behaved. She still does not mind being crated if need be. She’s also been sleeping all night on a bed in our room with our greyhound and 2 cats.

Jackie has gotten so brave and has started going down flights of stairs independently. She still needs minimal assistance to go up a flight of stairs. Considering that just last week we were having to advance each paw up one step at a time, she has improved leaps and bounds! (Maybe the turkey helped!)

Jackie is sweet and gentle with our kitty cats! Well, at least Ruby, the one that will let her be. Our other cat, Lucille, is still a bit preturbed that we altered her domain and she is sure to let Jackie know that. Jackie is a smart gal and steers clear of the drama.

We have really loved being Jackie’s fosters. Whoever adopts her will be getting a gem.

Wednesday December 5, 2018

Mirror, Mirror...

Yep! Jackie is the fairest of them all! And check out the blurry tail-just waggin’ away!

Jackie did great with her vetting. She recovered well and had to have zero teeth extracted. She took her medicines like a champ when they were disguised in a little bit of yogurt.

We’ve taken a little break from getting her trained on the steps while she’s been recovering, but hope to resume soon.

This is one sweet girl, y’all. She’s not necessarily a “Velcro dog” now that she’s a little more settled. She spends most of her time on her bed and is content to know you’re near. BUT if she is standing next to you, she most definitely has a lean going on, even if we are trying to walk on a leash. Work in progress there...And we’ve had our fair share of “bed fails”!

Thursday November 29, 2018

Settling in....

Look at this sweet face!!! Jackie has been such a sweet and patient house guest so far.

Things she does well:

Crates well and waits patiently inside crate when you return home.

Ignores kitty cats!

Seems to respond well to “Good Girl” and “No”

Sleeps through the night.

Friendly and sweet to resident hound, Fox.

Things we are actively working on:

Steps (needs considerable help)

Learning her name

Discovering how great toys, peanut butter, and treats in moderation can be!

She has only had one accident and tried to counter-surf once. She was easily redirected.

This gal loves people! You’ve never seen such vigorous tail wags! She seems especially fond of her foster dad.

She’s resting up for her vet visit in the morning-spay and dental. Hopefully she feels better quickly so we can get out and about for some meet and greets! I know she can’t wait to meet you!

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