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Sunday December 2, 2018

My First Day...

I have had a great first day in my foster home...so many new things and dogs but my foster mom says that I am doing so good. This is me and my foster sister Jesse - excuse a little fuzziness in the picture - it was a moving shot. She and I like like to hang out and sleep near each other. I am getting along with the one foster brother (border collie) and a small terrier dog that lives next door - I didn’t even really pay that much attention to the little dog - we just sniffed each other and moved on.

I have had no problems with staying in my crate when I need to, have mastered wood floors and the stairs - pretty proud of myself!!

I slept all night on my new bed but I do like to start wooing at 5:00 - 5:30 am - my foster mom wasn’t too amused but when she told me no - I stopped and went back to sleep.

Here’s me just chilling and loving life❤️

And me and Jesse sleeping together. I am enjoying the company of the dogs but I really like to follow my foster mom whenever she moves. Never know - might miss something!

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