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Thank you, GPAN, for bringing my first greyhound, Buttons, into my life! She won’t be the last!

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Sunday December 16, 2018

Just another stunning greyhound!

It's hard to imagine a more beautiful, elegant, and graceful breed than a greyhound! Jaxon, Daphne and and the slim/trim Cutler :-)

Well, they all have their derpy moments - ha ha!

When it was cold last weekend, we had a fire in the fireplace - Cutler's first, I think. No fear!!! She figured out right away it was warm and cozy!

Keeping tabs on the neighbors...

Cutler LOVES stuffies. She carries them, chews them, squeaks them.

We went to the M&G yesterday, and Cutler got all dressed up!!! She was adorable!!

Friday December 7, 2018

Breakthrough to pet-hood!!

Cutler discovered stuffies tonight!!! I'm so excited for her! You have to remember she's 7 1/2 and been on a farm or in kennels all her life, so stuffies are totally new to her.

You go, girl!!!

And if that's not enough, Cutler did stairs all by herself today!! I was so shocked the first time, no pictures. But she did the inside steps TWICE. It's been a long road to her doing them.

I'm SO proud of her. These kinds of milestones seem like nothing but to a newly retired greyhound, they can be huge.

And she came down the outside steps without any nudging! I admit to luring her with a treat for the first few outside steps up. She's had a great day!

Thursday December 6, 2018

Settling into normal life

Cutler's spay and dental went great. All was routine, despite the fact that she was in heat. Once the drugs wore off, she's been the perfect guest here :-)

Cutler had many housebreaking accidents before her spay but I think that was her hormones ;-) Since she's been back home, there's only been one clean-up - the first night. Yea, Cutler!

Even Ore can tell the difference!

Cutler LOVES treats. Any treat. All treats. She takes them gently and chews slowly, but finishes each one.

Still working on stairs ;-)

Monday December 3, 2018

A spay-day pause

Cutler is at the vet - routine spay and dental. She'll come back here tomorrow but meanwhile, here are just a couple of pictures

This one shows the BIG difference in how black greyhounds turn gray. These two greys are both 7 years old - just 5 months apart in age.

On the right is Cutler, still very black and just a little gray on her face.

On the left is my anxious Penske pup, Jaxon. He's so gray he looks blue. Can't wait to see him in a few more years :-)

Cutler has been slow to get comfortable using the stairs. BIG progress going down them. She barely needs a nudge and she follows the other hounds.

Going up the stairs has been harder, but this weekend, she seemed to be a little more at ease. We still have work to do ;-)

She made it up and is very proud of herself!!

Sunday December 2, 2018

Who knew retirement could be so exhausting!

First stop Saturday, was visiting the M&G. Cutler met many hounds, and several small dogs. She did well with the small dogs. Cutler pulls hard on the leash so pictures of her walking are mostly pictures of the back of her head!!

She paused for petting, and kept exploring.

Lots of hounds!

From the M&G, we went to Grassmere, and Cutler met the clinic cat, Earl. Earl was not happy but tolerated the attention as well as can be expected.

Hello, Earl. My name is Cutler!

Cutler passed the cat testing! Good girl!! And Earl was happy to get back to his food, litter, and bed :-)

Back home... pooped... time for a power nap!!!

Friday November 30, 2018


Look who took the first step! No, Cutler didn't go DOWN all the steps, but she explored a little and maybe today will be the day ;-)

Cutler is the perfect passenger in the van. She doesn't pace or whine, She lays quietly. And she doesn't try to help me drive!! She might have been more worried if she'd known where we were going ;-)))

Yup! A dog wash! She wasn't thrilled about it, but did well, and now she's very clean and soft. The bath made a big difference.

Watching the world.

Cutler easily walks on the slick floors. She is quiet in her crate when I leave. She doesn't try to interact or play with the other hounds, so maybe she'd do ok as an only-dog? She's just been here 4 days, and is doing well.

Thursday November 29, 2018

From farm to home

Introducing Cutler - a 7 1/2 yr old brood that came in the Oklahoma farm haul Monday night. She's adjusting to this strange and new life pretty well.

She explored each room and, a first for me, even got in the shower and laid down!

She's heavy and is on a diet, but has a great appetite. As you can see in the picture, she has a short tail like a Doberman. No food aggression at all.

Other than when my blind boy stepped right on her, she's been very good with the 5 dogs here. She's respectful of their space.

Cutler is in heat and will be spayed on Monday. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get her to wear a diaper! She is not excited about it :-) Housebreaking lapses are probably because of her estrus marking.

She's still learning stairs - the one thing she really doesn't like. Working on it!!! She's sweet, knows her name, likes attention.

Most of the day, she snoozes like every greyhound.

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