401(Grey) Investor

Foster Family

Andra & Glenn Crandell

Friday November 23, 2018

Midge is very playful with dogs big and small. Her and her friend Odie will go outside and chase each other around a tree. She is very good and playing and will also play with a tennis ball. I'm not sure if she will chase one but she loves to bounce it and run after it.

no roaching yet but still has the typical weird sleeping poses

more playtime

Friday November 23, 2018

the giant stuffies double as an extra dog bed.

Midge is a really really good girl. She is very loving, is a very, very quick learner (by the second day she knew the house routine) and she had had no accidents in the house. She has tried counter surfing a couple of times but we are limiting her access to the kitchen. It is hard to believe she has been off the trak less than a week.

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