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Nathan Wahl & Lisa Gordon

Sunday November 18, 2018


Cruz continues to adapt quickly to house life. He's learning about the joys of fluffy dog beds and he's playing more with toys. Last night he was like a little kid, trying to extend playtime past the usual bedtime, as if to say, "Just a little while longer? I like this squeaky stuffie!" Tonight he wanted to assist in the kitchen. He sampled some steamed broccoli and decided it's delicious!

Cruz is getting smoother on his leash walking skills. We're also working on the "lie down" and "wait" commands. He continues to be respectful of our senior greyhound's space, unless he gets confused about something.

After our morning walk, he donned the "derp" look as his tongue was hanging out of his closed mouth. He's a cute and fun boy.

Sunday November 18, 2018

Curious Cruz

Cruz is a sweet big boy, curious about this new life in a house, with so many things to check out and sniff. He went from room to room exploring his new environment the first evening but eventually settled down. Cruz especially is interested in his reflection, as he should be: he is quite handsome and his coat is a beautiful brindle. He has not had a single accident inside and does pretty well on leash walks, doing his business with no problems.

The first night was a little scary for him. He whined a bit in his crate and we did take him out for a potty break, just to make sure he wouldn't have an accident. He eats like a champ and loves to drink water. He even did well in his bath.

Today Cruz went to his first Meet & Greet. He likes to ride in the car with his head out the window. He was very friendly with the folks at Petsmart today and even did quite well when encountering small dogs. He is also getting along well with his senior foster sister. He wasn't too afraid of the vacuum cleaner...cautious, but not terrified.

Tonight he is proving he's loving peanut butter filled Kongs. Last night he was unsure of what to do with it, but tonight he picked it up off the floor and promptly took it to his crate to enjoy privately. He also likes to pick up his toy and play a bit.

Once Cruz gets the hang of retirement, he's going to be a wonderful addition to any home. He is gentle and loving and wants to be with people.

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