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Jeremy & Janet Schuster

Thursday November 22, 2018

Settling in nicely

Loner is settling in nicely. He has bursts of activity playing with the resident hounds and our Thanksgiving guest, but then he'll chill out as seen here. He hasn't marked in the house the last few days and sleeps well through the night. He needs a little encouragement to go in his crate but then will settle down.

Loner is a sweetie who likes attention and checks out everything around him. He eats well and rides well in the car. He's going to make whoever adopts him very happy.

Sunday November 18, 2018

Not really a Loner...

Loner definitely does not live up to his name! He's a friendly boy who likes attention from the humans and has discovered toys more quickly than any foster we've had. He also loves to play with the resident hounds - see video of him playing with resident hound Bacon.

He's a curious boy but responds quickly to "no" when he's doing something he shouldn't. The only issue we're still working on is marking in the house.

Loner will make a great addition to someone's home!

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