401(Grey) Investor

Foster Family

Saturday November 17, 2018

Welcome to Tennessee Myth

Myth arrived in Tennessee Saturday Nov. 17th and she is a sweetheart. We are thrilled to be her foster family. She is such a dainty hound. She has settled right in with our greyhound, Vail. She walks well on a leash and will also do her potty business while on her walks. She loves stuffies and has been eating well. She sleeps through the night on her bed with no need to crate her. She shows great interest in our cat so we are keeping an eye on that but she has not been agressive just curious. She will be spayed Nov. 28th and we will be glad to have that behind us. We are truly enjoying this loveable girl!

New friends.

Myth is doing great - She sleeps in her bed all night, has accepted our cat (although I must say he is very laid back and does not run from her) and Myth got along well with the two additional dogs we had visiting us for Thanksgiving.

along great with our dog Vail and the two additional dogs we had at the house for Thanksgiving.

Myth and her stuffies.

Taking one of my many daily walks with Vail.

Myth is a beauty. She is sensitive, loving and fun.

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