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Phil Kingsley & Michelle Reyzer

Thursday November 22, 2018

Thursday November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

Silva has had a great couple of days! We had a nice long walk today, and he jumped in and out of the van on his own (after a little coaxing!). He's walking really well on leash, and he does his business quickly in the fenced in yard or on a walk. He went up the big staircase in the house yesterday, but got a little stuck on the way down, so we're still working on that! But he found a nice spot for a snooze in the sun. We're thankful for such an awesome foster, and I know Silva will be thankful when he finds his forever home!

Monday November 19, 2018

Settling in

Silva is settling in nicely! He is enthusiastic about walks, does his business on leash, and he joined the resident hound in his happy dance for breakfast this morning! He goes in and out of the house well and handles the short set of stairs like a champ. He loves looking out the windows at the squirrels (and his reflection!). He's very sweet and gets along well with our kids - ages 10 and 13. He is still a little timid, but his personality is starting to come out! He is awesome in his crate and is quiet the whole night, and waits for us to get up. He still hasn't discovered toys or found the soft dog beds, but with a little more time, I'm sure he will!

Saturday November 17, 2018

First night

Silva had such a big day he was so tuckered out he just laid down on the kitchen floor - bypassing a nice fluffy dog bed - and snoozed for a bit! His nose never stopped sniffing all his new surroundings! He is very sweet and gentle - he is still getting used to people coming up to him to give him attention and he isn't quite sure about it yet. He was very excited to go on a walk and gets along well with the resident hound. Can't wait to see what he does tomorrow!

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