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Thursday December 6, 2018

Teddy's Movie

Dear Folks,

My foster mom caught this funny scene. I got so excited I tipped over my boy's stool--while he was on it! Check out my other funny antics below.

Parks and I thought Ethan was pretty fun on the floor. For my fun, check out my little movie below.

Tuesday December 4, 2018

Girls just wanna’ have fun

I really like to play. My foster mom had to show you how playful I am before she rescued my sister’s pajamas. I grab anything furry and I pounce and shake it. Today I tried to play with the cat. It didn’t work out. She hit me! I’m resilient though. I still tried to be friends with her later. When my foster mom runs my face and talks to me I dance, wiggle, tap her with my paw, and play bow. I even play growl. Give me some time to get comfortable with you, and I promise to brighten your everyday! Watch me in my debut movie!

Saturday December 1, 2018

I’m late for an important date!

My mom is stuck in the middle of lots of cars. She’s trying hard to get me to 200 Oaks. Maybe by 1240?

Saturday December 1, 2018

Teddy at 109 Oaks 1215-1

I’ll be at 100 Oaks today from 12-1 before my home visit. Come see how awesome I am! Today’s the perfect day to add a “little delight” to your family!

Friday November 30, 2018

Wish me luck!

It’s Teddy again. I’m playing with the resident hounds tonight. Anytime one of us is in the mood, I jump in too. The sister dog and I play a lot now. I make her really happy. My foster mom is happy too! I slept quietly after whining just a little last night. I still wake up early, but hey—I’m a busy girl! I’ll probably go right to sleep tonight.

Everybody—wish me luck! My sister, Later, and I have a home visit tomorrow and my foster mom says that I may find my forever mom. Tonight, I’m resting up for the big day. Paws crossed that tomorrow I meet my always and forever mom.

Thursday November 29, 2018

Somebody’s Cryin’

I’m embarrassed to admit that I got pretty used to deciding when I would use my crate over the holiday and when my foster mom was home sick. I run and grab my crate if the resident hounds head that way. BUT, ever since arriving, I’ve disliked being closed in. My foster mom insists that bedtimes and anytime she’s gone, I’m crated up safely. So, I started whining and crying last night. I had stopped for a week, but I got pretty used to deciding for myself lately. My foster mom is leaving the house again and she hears me barking—actually barking. I think I won’t let her sleep much for a couple of nights. But she says that’s okay because I’ll want to be a big girl dog before I find my forever home. She’s right. I want to make my new family proud and happy, not sleepy!

With the resident hounds I’ve becomd pretty confident. I can be even a little invasive. I plop in their beds with them without “asking”. When I’m happy I mouth and bump them a lot. And almost nobody gets my crate. Even if I was in the bed, if someone goes inside it, I go in too so I can encourage them to get out. My foster mom had the great idea of adding extra beds so everybody has lots of choices. She says I may be little, but I’m assertive. I feel great now, and I’m just a pup, so I have a LOT of energy and I LOVE to play. My foster mom is taking me to the dog park before anybody wakes up so I can be as fast, silly, and wiggly as I want to be.

Monday November 26, 2018

Laying with the big dogs

Here I am in the middle of everything. That’s where I ALWAYS am—right in the middle of things! I wiggle my way between the bigger hounds when it’s time to greet the humans. I hate to be left out, and these days, I often claim a bed or stuffie for myself. But if the resident hounds get there first, I wait a minute until someone gets bored, then I snag special things for myself!

I had a home visit last Saturday. I was SO HAPPY to see my littermate, Later. We’re two peas in a pod! We’re tiny enough, and bonded enough to be almost like adopting ONE dog! I was a star at the visit. Steps are no problem even though I had never gone up and down that many before. Accidents? Never! Cats—I ignored the cat during the home visit but I occasionally get the itch to chase the pesky cat here in my foster home. It DARTS out in front of me and tempts me too much! When I’m told “Leave it,” I stop in my tracks. When it comes forward, I run fast away from the scary creature. I’m an animated, wiggly, kissing hound. I feel SO much better than I did when I arrived. I’m still learning but I’m so smart, my foster mom tells me I’m going to be someone’s favorite dog one day soon. If you have room for two, Later and I pledge to always make you smile.

Friday November 23, 2018

This is the Life

Thursday November 22, 2018

Come See Me!

Teddy here! I’m the little red fawn girl posing in the lead. I’m excited for my home visit this Saturday morning. I’ll bet I’m chosen! If I’m not, my foster mom will bring me to 100 Oaks, for a short while where everyone can come to meet me. If I’m available, I’ll be there from about 1-2 (this Saturday, 11/24). I’ll also be at PetSmart in Bowling Green on 12/15 from 12-2 if I’m still looking for my forever home, but just look st me. . . what are the chances?

Saturday November 17, 2018

I’m Learning

I’m Teddy. My name should be short for “Teddy Bear!” I’m a Velcro dog—I follow my favorite human everywhere. I don’t like being alone in a room, but I’m learning I’m ok when “the mom” is gone. I whined a lot less in my bedtime crate last night. I’m learning I’m ok in my daytime crate, instead of needing to be right beside a human. Last night I slept quietly for 8 hours! This is way better than the 3 hours I slept when I first learned where my crates are. The “sister” here shares my crate with me—and her PJs. I’m a lot smaller than she is, so her PJs don’t fit, but I like being cozy warm.

I like to get to ‘the mom’ before “the brother” does, but this time we tied! I may be little but that works for me. I can move my way into a small space between the resident hounds and hold onto it. Notice my great ears? Each one does it’s own thing. Cool, right?

Even “the brother” takes my crate! Then “the sister” (in pink) and I, Teddy Bear, (in tribal print), crowd him to pressure him to be a gentleman. He usually gives in. When “the mom” stands up to play with me I am all wiggles and kisses. I already play with stuffies, and I am the first dog who ever drank from the water fountain right off the bat! I guess I can be pretty curious! I still am trying to figure out the furry, little creature that lives here. Sometimes I just watch her. Sometimes I sniff her nose. But if she’s drinking from the fountain or making noises I sometimes growl at her. I am a guard-greyhound? I think my mom doesn’t want me to stare or growl at the furry thing. But I’m V-E-R-Y curious and what if it’s vicious? I love going bye bye on walks and in the car! I’d go anywhere “the mom” goes! If you want a smart, curious, Velcro girl to go with your other dogs, I’m your pup! I don’t think I’d be happy without a big brother or sister. And just think, I’m so small I fit almost anywhere. Tiny house, anyone?

Saturday November 17, 2018

Little package, big sweetie

Teddy just arrived after a long day of travel to Nashville then Bowling Green. She’s a tiny, lcurious, oveable girl. She was overwhelmed by her big travel day, but a quiet car ride later and she was all wags and ready to be loved. She loves other hounds and wants to be right in the mix.

Teddy followed the resident hounds up the stairs, and needed no coaxing to walk on the wood floors. She inspected her new digs thoroughly, wagging her tail happily throughout her tour. She rather likes her reflection. She probably didn’t realize how cute she is! She had to be coaxed and guided into her crate, but before long, she settled into sleep. We expect this little sweetie to find her forever home in a flash. She’s a darling who fits in easily.

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