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Brandy Shedd

Friday November 2, 2018


Seneka is a big sweet beautiful boy. Seneka has been pretty well behaved at the house. As you can see from a pic of his first night at my house he required a belly band to prevent marking. This is not abnormal for males coming to my house. (I have a 16 yo min pin who doesn't always obey the rules) I am proud to say we have not had any accidents in over a week. We no longer need the belly band. Sen does pretty good with my hard wood floors. He was hesitant at first but he's doing great now. Sen gets along well with my greys and small dogs. He's only vice is that he does hoard some. Mostly my clothes that he picks up when I hop in the shower.

Seneka is a certified chatter. When I get home from work and head to his crate to let him out, he's full on chattering! It's absolutely adorable. He's showing his excitement. Sen is also a leaner. He loves to be petted and will lean into you. He has a love hate with the crate. He is feed in the crate and if I have his food bowl in hand he will walk freely to the crate tail wagging. I can get him to go with minimal resistance with a treat but he can be a hudni with out carabiners holding the door. When he did get out he did not have any destructive behavior. He has been left unsupervised in the house while I ran some errands for at least an hour and he did perfectly fine.

Sen is a very handsome black beauty. Here is from his first day and him discovering his reflection. He kept pointing his ears up interested. It was adorable.

So we have several bedding options in my bedroom from a bolster bed to a blanket and sheets to a flat top... for some reason he likes the pillows. Here he is looking like the sweet boy he is. Here you can note that he does not have a bald bum! Lol it’s a little thin but still fuzzy. One of my girls is probably totally jealous.

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