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Justin Davidson & Emily Hawarah

Friday November 16, 2018

Tickle Toes

Sprung is the most ticklish dog we have ever met. She likes to have her paws rubbed, but if you touch a certain spot on the top of her front paws, she will pull away super fast and wag her tail. We're sure she likes the tickles because she'll immediately reach her paw out for more. It is by far our favorite Sprung play time activity!

Thursday November 15, 2018

Update on Little Miss Sprung

Sprung's personality has really started to blossom over the last couple of weeks. She has started letting us know what makes her happy and what makes her mad. She LOVES riding in the car, being by foster mom's side and (of course) food. She doesn't so much love being on her own or going outside in the rain. And we have learned that she does best in her crate when she has lots of things in there to keep her busy (toys, treats, puzzles, etc.).

We have failed at teaching Sprung that beds are only for people, so we are having to correct her love for soft places to lay. But look at that happy little bug!

Thursday November 8, 2018

Big News!!

We got a facebook message from the farm Sprung was raised on and they told us her call name was Missy when she was a puppy. We've been trying it out and she seems to remember it (but she pretty much responds to everything, so who really knows). We also took her to visit a small dog and discovered that she gets along well with friends of all sizes! This girl continues to make us smile and bring tons of joy to our house. She is going to make an incredible family member soon!

Thursday November 1, 2018

I am a very good girl

I haven't really been loving this rain today, and even though I went potty outside early this morning, foster mom has been trying to convince me to go out again all day. After my mid-day treat, I felt like I needed to go but wasn't a fan of all that noise and water happening outside, so I decided to be tough and hold it. Except, I couldn't, so I started to sniff for a place to "go" in the house, and my foster mom caught me. She yelled no and ran towards me, and I immediately realized that outside is where the potty always is (duh). So she opened the door and I trotted out to take care of business in the storm. When I was finished, she rewarded me with some new toys!

I'm a potty hero! And that weather outside might be frightful, but I don't really care because I am the best girl there is. :)

Wednesday October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!

Sprung dressed up as R2D2 for today's festivities. She said this officially makes her the coolest hound in Nashville.

Tuesday October 23, 2018

All About Sprung

Things we have learned about Sprung this week:

1. She does not bark or roo, but when she is displeased (or, you know, it's not dinner time yet) Sprung will let out a huge sighing "hrumph" and turn away.

2. Even though she can't bark or roo, when the pack is rooing, she tries so hard to join and sometimes gives a tiny little yip.

3. At some point during her racing career, the arch of her back left foot fell and left her with the cutest little duck paw.

4. Her playfulness is apparent in the cute little nick in her ear that must have happened during some puppy play in her former life.

5. Sprung loves humans and, even though she isn't pushy, she is very happy when she is getting rubs or attention from the family.

Monday October 22, 2018

Retired Life

I am really getting the hang of retirement life. Even though I have technically been retired for about a month, my foster family says I do very well with commands and knowing when and where it's ok to potty. I also am starting to learn where the food is, and my foster Mommy says I can have as much as I want because I need to gain some weight. I told her I am perfect the way that I am, but she showed me a bowl of food and I decided I am ok with her sassy comment.

So far, I have spent the night in my crate and on a bed on the floor beside my foster parents' bed. I am ok with either, and I lay down as soon as they tell me to. Also, I do not bark or roo, so they said they have been sleeping like babies even though I am new to their house. I think I deserve a treat for that!

Sunday October 21, 2018

Hi, I’m Sprung

Hi, I’m Sprung and I am a dream dog. :) Last night, after a little bit of playing and sniffing all my new humans, I ate my dinner, shared some water with my foster brother and went right into my crate when Foster Mommy said, “Night Night.” (I didn’t tell anyone I know those words, but I totally do.) I slept in my crate like the champion that I am, and went on a fun walk this morning.

I think I’m gonna like it in Nashville—as soon as I get a sweater. It’s really cold here and I’m a tiny little nugget of houndie.

Saturday October 20, 2018

Spring Sprang Sprung

We picked Sprung up today after her long ride to Nashville from Florida, and she is already proving to be a super sweet girl. We are impressed with how much she wants to lean in for pets and seems super laid-back and calm.

Sprung came to us with a little boo-boo on her leg (we hear it's from her wanting to jump into the pool at her previous foster's house), but all seems well and she is as happy as can be.

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