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Tuesday November 13, 2018


Here are some videos of Fred being adorable

The perpetual motion of Fred's rear-end

Keep the pets comin plz

Tuesday October 23, 2018

New Bed / New Me

Fred received a new bed yesterday and is loving being able to stretch his very long body! He gets a little excitable and forgets how big he really is sometimes, but most of the time he's just relaxing like the lap dog he thinks he is.

Monday October 22, 2018

Weekend Pupdate

Fred has had a relaxing weekend as you can see here - He's not quite the right size to sleep in the bed that the 30lb dog sleeps in, but he's making it work. Fred is loving the fenced in yard and goes outside, promptly takes care of his business, does a lap or two, and jumps right back into his nest. He's getting along well with the other pup in the house as well. :)

Thursday October 18, 2018

New Adventures

Today Fred is a little tired because we went on a new adventure last night. He attended a dog event at Tailgate Brewery. He met some new people, different sizes of dogs, and kids. He did really well with the young kids(2-4yo) and of course with any adult that would pet him. People were surprised at his calm demeanor (most of that is just being a greyhound).

Tuesday October 16, 2018

Slubberball Fail

You are not a greyhound unless you have a slumberball fail.

Saturday October 13, 2018

Riding to a Meet and Greet

Going to a Meet and Greet is a great way to test some things. We now know we rides well, needs a bit of help getting into a vehicle, and likes strangers petting him. Today was a Meet and Great success.

Thursday October 11, 2018

Hand Finder

Fred had the uncanny ability to find the hands to pet. We had a visitor yesterday and Fred would walk under his hands and get attention.

Tuesday October 9, 2018

Fred Loves a Slumberball

Everyone is trying to get in the sun. Fred does not mind another dog being so close.

Tuesday October 9, 2018

Meet Fred

What can we say about Fred in the short three days he has been here. Fact one is Fred has a big head. He walks well and, does slick floors and stairs. Fred wants to be a lap dog but does not know how big his is.

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