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Cameron & Megan Cowden

Tuesday September 11, 2018


Foster Mom said I could pick the picture this time. I think I look striking in this one. I think I saw a bunny!

Tuesday September 11, 2018

House Manners

Kayden is a very well behaved boy! He is definitely cat safe and gets along great with our other male dog. He’s not an alpha so he would fit nicely into someone’s pack or make a great first grey.

He sleeps quietly all night until someone wakes up in the morning.

He shows so much affection and is a real “Velcro” dog! Kayden gets so excited to see his people. He also loves to play with toys!

He is shy to new people or to greeting other dogs while on leash. He loves to take walks but is not great about going potty while on leash. We are working on that!

He’s a lovable big mushy boy!

Are you getting up Foster Mom? Because if you’re getting up, then I’m getting up!

Sunday September 9, 2018

First night

Who’s a good boy and slept all night in his dog bed? This guy!

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