401(Grey) Investor

Foster Family

Alexander Sherry & Carrie Barlow

Wednesday September 12, 2018

Tilly's settling in

Tilly is a precious little girl who is pretty young but still definitely ready for retirement. She loooooooves physical affection, but is sometimes too shy to ask for it. She's mastered going up open-backed stairs, but she still likes to try to jump down a whole flight at once--we're still working on that. No counter surfing or hoarding with this girl, and her prey drive is practically nonexistent. She spooks easily and she doesn't like to do her business on a leash, but she also is not quite sure if it's okay to leave her human to go do it when she's off leash. With a little bit of a confidence boost, though, and a lot of love, she's already on her way to becoming the best calm-walking, lean-hugging, car-panting, lap-snuggling buddy you could dream of. All she needs is a forever home!

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