401(Grey) Investor

Craig Turner
For his brother Corey and family, who recently lost their dog, Lexy.

Foster Family

Andra & Glenn Crandell

Wednesday July 25, 2018

Lexi is friends with all dogs, small and tall. She is a really happy energetic girl, who loves just about everything

Wednesday July 18, 2018

There are perfectly acceptable empty beds but this is where she likes to lay.

and if she does choose a bed it is usually like this.

Lexi is very playful and tries to get all the other dogs to play with her (it doesn't matter what breed). She wants to play with the humans too. When she gets excited she doesn't chatter, she chomps, it's very cute but I make sure my hands are out of the way. She is fairly alert, she does a lot of watching what is going on. She was fine with the thunderstorms but does not like to go out into the wet grass.

She also does not like to eat unless someone is sitting near her. She hasnt been crated for long. She was vocal in the crate but not destructive. She loves toys and she will chase a ball but not pick it up. We have done very little in the way of correction, she is pretty much "turn key".

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