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Foster Family

Tuesday June 26, 2018

Discovery of Toys

Today my foster mom took me to Petsmart because she had a hunch that I would like stuffed toys after stealing pillows. Boy was she right! I didn’t realize that you can’t just pull toys off the rack and swing them around knocking over displays— good thing I’m so cute and made all the humans laugh. Unfortunately I don’t know my own strength and immediately punctured all of the squeakies, which are my favorite part! My foster mom is looking into solutions because I can play with my toys for hours.

This personality trait has been very fun for my foster mom because my foster sister couldn’t care less about toys— she’s never even picked one up! However, my foster sister is very food motivated and I don’t seem to care that much about treats or human food yet.

On the way home I wouldn’t stop drooling on my foster mom’s shoulder so she opened a window to divert my attention. I just like to be close to my humans! I'm a good car rider and love going on trips.

I move around a lot to make sure I’m comfy. I’ve roached a few times too! I'm happy on a bed or sprawled out on the hardwood floor.

My foster sister and I have very different personalities....

So far I continue to be an excellent house guest, getting more comfortable being alone and falling into a predictable bathroom schedule. I'm such a sweet and goofy pup-- I know I will make my forever family very happy!

Things we are currently working on:

-vocalizing for attention

-pawing at legs

-going up steep stairs

-being home alone without humans

Monday June 25, 2018

First outing

I had an awesome time at McDougals today! I was a little curious about my friends’ food but after a quick sniff I left it alone. I stood right by my people, no leash pulling, and then settled down on a blanket. No whining at all! Even my foster sister isn’t this well behaved on outings.

My foster mom has been introducing me to lots of new friends!

It takes a confident man to wear pink. My foster mom had an extra collar that was too big on my sister— you gotta admit it looks good on me.

Sunday June 24, 2018

Settling in!

Today I met my new foster family! So far, this is what my foster mom has noticed:

- I am SUPER friendly and don't appear to be hesitant around strangers

-I love to cuddle and get close to people for belly rubs

-I get along with my foster sister, a small 4 year old greyhound

-I can sleep anywhere and like to sprawl out-- even the kitchen tile floor

-I have no problems walking on hardwood and tile floor

-I'm a bit of a velcro pup; I want to follow people out of the room and I start to whine when someone is out of sight-- even someone I just met! My foster mom is going to work on this :)

I have a beautiful blue brindle coat (very rare!) and will surely get lots of attention on walks. I have 60 races under my belt and just need a cozy home and a loving family to be happy.

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