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Darrell Pitzer & Jan

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Monday July 2, 2018

Crates are Great

So, there's all kinds of talk about my brother and sister retirees who don't crate well. Just wanted to let all of you potential adopters out there know that I'm good with crating.

I like my crate, not so much that I hide in it or anything. Just when they say "kennel up" I head back to my personal hidey-hole without a lot of fuss. Of course, it does help that I get a treat for coming in here and also that it's so much more comfortable than my track crate and the carpet square I used to bed down on. I sleep really well here and sometimes I put myself to bed. I'm not much of a night owl like the other hounds.

Just saying, crating is OK with me. I am looking forward to moving to a permanent home where I can some day give up the crate and get a cushy bed of my own or maybe even sleep in the human bed! But I'm not in a hurry. Well, not to give up the crate. Just hoping I get a good home soon. Call me, okay? Soon. But not after 9 p.m. 'cause I'm in bed.

Sunday July 1, 2018

Kissy Spot

I'm special. Can you tell? I have a kissy spot on the back of my neck. Cute, huh? Everyone comments on it. Yeah, yeah, I've got the usual white toes and chest and tail tip, but this little white dot sets me a part. It also means I got lots of kisses yesterday at M&G.

There were lots of hounds at 100 Oaks, so I got to meet all kinds of people and their dogs. Everyone commented on how smooth and shiney my coat is. It's good to be noticed. I think I want more of that, esp. if I get extra treats.

Friday June 29, 2018

Hi, Guys

Who can resist my face? I am such a nice boy, but I need a quiet home. You see, I was adopted last week by some super-nice people, but just couldn't adjust to the noisy street by their place. Everytime they took me out to do my business I just froze up when I heard all the cars and the banging and the traffic. They tried really hard to help me get used to it.

I'm really an adorable guy - just need folks who appreciate my careful ways. I get along great with other dogs and I'm cat safe. Really, what else is left?

Sunday May 6, 2018

Game Boy Teddy

It's my first time in a house. It's my first time in a fenced yard with grass. At first, it was all a bit overwhelming.

I'm a little shy because this is all so new to me.

But, I've been a very good boy. I've taken all of my medications. I ate both of my meals (and wanted more!). I got a treat and that was WONDERFUL! I slept all night in my crate without a whimper or a whine.

My foster parents are very happy with my performance so far! But, what I'd really like is to have my own "forever" home, so if you need a quiet friend, I'm your guy!

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