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Foster Family

Hank Hopper & Jessica Simmons

Sunday May 6, 2018

Game Boy Teddy

Hey Nashville! I'm AJN Gameboyteddy, but I go by Teddy. I am VERY new to retirement ... I came straight from the track!

I was a good boy on my ride home to my foster home, as you can see in the picture.

It's my first time in a house. It's my first time in a fenced yard with grass. At first, it was all a bit overwhelming.

I'm a little shy because this is all so new to me.

But, I've been a very good boy. I've taken all of my medications. I ate both of my meals (and wanted more!). I got a treat and that was WONDERFUL! I slept all night in my crate without a whimper or a whine.

My foster parents are very happy with my performance so far! But, what I'd really like is to have my own "forever" home, so if you need a quiet friend, I'm your guy!

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