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Wednesday June 13, 2018

Girl Power

Chloe is a lady who knows what she wants! She doesn’t mind that her Foster Brother already snagged the comfy spot in the sun. She just climbed right in bed with him! This snuggle didn’t last long as Kane decided he’d find somewhere else to lay down. But I snapped a quick picture!

Thursday June 7, 2018

Clearly she’s retired

That bunny wouldn’t have stood a chance with Chloe at the track. But in her new retired life, they are fast friends! And it happens to be one of her favorite toys to play with.

Monday June 4, 2018


Hi, Chloe here. Foster Mommy said I could write my own blog post today. Since she already told you how much I love toys and walks here’s some pictures of what I like to do alllll day long.

I also love my foster brother greyhound and my little human foster sister. She is 2 and gives wots of hugs. Well I have been awake too long - back to my nap!

Wednesday May 30, 2018

2 Things Chloe Loves

Toys and walks!!

She gets so excited when I pull out her leash. Her little tail starts twirling like a helicopter and she runs in circles around me.

Her favorite playtime is in the morning after breakfast. Any toy will do but the squeakier, the better!

Tuesday May 29, 2018

Back to my Foster Home

Chloe is back to her foster home and back to her old ways - sleeping all day! We are working on getting her to sleep in more in the mornings. She has been doing great! She loves to be near her people and we love having her around us. She is such a loving, tail-wagging sweetie! She doesn’t love loud noises so her new family will have to keep that in mind.

Sunday May 27, 2018

Home Visit

Hey everybody! Chloe here!

In the picture, you can see the 2 buddies that went with me on a home visit. The black dog is Livewire but he goes by River now. The smaller fawn is Slam. I'm the beautiful black brindle on the right.

We got to go to a nice man's house. We got to explore, and we also got a lot of attention from the man and his friend who came over to help.

River got picked for this to be his forever home. I am happy for him! He was really chilled at this house.

In the next picture, you can see what I did when I got back to my foster house ... I was tired! Meeting and greeting at 100 Oaks, then doing a home visit was exhausting. I thought that I was retired!?!

I'm a very good girl. I am a little anxious about going to a new place. I need to wander around to check it out. and I will pant while I'm doing it. I'm not freaked out. I just have to be sure that I will be safe.

After a while, I will just plop on the floor and be a happy, lazy retired greyhound that you are all used to.

Give me a chance to visit your home! I will be a very good pet. I am great with small animals and small children.

Thursday May 24, 2018

Vacation time

Hey everybody! It’s me, Chloe!

My foster family is out of town, so I’m vacationing in another foster home way down south in Spring Hill.

I was a little anxious about the change, but once I explored the new house, I was fine. I just crashed on one of their dog beds and made myself at home.

My first foster family said that I am a Velcro hound. I don’t know what Velcro is, but it must be a good thing. My new foster family calls me that too. I like to be around my people. I can relax without them, but most of the time I prefer to be with them.

I’ll be at 100 Oaks this Saturday, but not until about 1:00. So, stop by and get to know me. I’m a very sweet, loving girl who is just looking for my forever home.

Saturday May 19, 2018

Adjusting to retired life

When you roach too far and fall off your dog bed... Chloe doesn’t mind.

Wednesday May 16, 2018

Shhh - Sleeping Greyhound!

Is there anything cuter than a sleeping grey with their paws all in a pile?

Tuesday May 15, 2018

Are you a morning person?

My favorite feature on Chloe is her cute ears!! They flip-flop this way and that. Sometimes one will flop forward and one backward. She has been sleeping great all night in her crate (truth be told I think she would sleep all night on a dog bed on floor too). She gets up between 5-6am usually and she is ready to start her day! Mornings are so exciting for Chloe! After a potty break she loves to run in circles around the house. She checks each room to see what’s going on and usually raids the toy bin. We give her playtime or extra time outside. If we have time, early morning walks are our favorite. She is such a happy little girl and puts us all in a good mood to start our day!

The vet said her eyes are improving already so we may start doing the eye drops only 1x a day.

Who is ready to meet this sweet girl? ❤️

Thursday May 10, 2018

Things to know about Chloe

We just adore Chloe and know that she’s going to find a great forever family very soon! After being our foster girl for almost a week, here are some things her forever family should know about Chloe.

1. Chloe is food motivated! This comes in handy when you want to get her to crate or to start training her. It also means she’ll try to counter surf for leftovers or swipe a cookie from the toddler’s hand! We are correcting the counter surfing and so far she’s a good listener.

2. Chloe has an eye condition that requires eye drops. Without the drops she could go blind so it’s important that her forever family is sure to continue giving them to her. Luckily she is such a sweet girl that she just stands or lies there and let’s you drop one in each eye. It’s been very easy!

3. Chloe is a messy eater. Silly girl will take a bite of her dinner and then walk away from her bowl, crunching as she goes. We’ve kept the broom handy for her crumbs!

She’s got the sweetest temperament and is a real tail wagger. She’s happy to see everyone! Chloe would be great in any home - even one with another dog, cat, or kids!


Sunday May 6, 2018

Chloe is a Velcro dog!

Sweet Chloe is a true Velcro dog/shadow/“people person.” She will follow us from room to room or just plop right down on the floor once we’ve stayed put for a minute. When she’s good and tired, she doesn’t mind taking a snooze by herself. She didn’t love the car ride and tried to jump out of the back of the car. However once we moved her to the backseat and she could get a pet on the head while we drove, she was much happier.

Some of her accomplishments in her first two days as our foster include: playing with a toy, going up and down stairs, and walking nicely on a leash.

She is very calm and great with kids!

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