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Foster Family

Brandy Shedd

Tuesday June 5, 2018

We're doing great

Roadie is located on the left here. This is what happens when I walk out of the room then walk back in. Obviously I was missed. Roadie is doing great. He is getting along with the cat just fine. He does still follow him and sniff. I just say no and he leaves him alone.

Roadie and Bear sharing bedding. He is not possessive of his space or bed. My female on the other hand will growl if someone (other dog) gets to close to her while she's laying down. He's a sweet boy.

Bed fail! So usually he curls up and lays in this bed just fine. Obviously he wanted to stretch out here and there wasn't enough bed.

Thursday May 10, 2018

Handsome and sweet

Roadie has been at the house for almost a week now and he is doing great. We did lift his leg the first day at the house but was caught red handed and was told a loud "NO!" and he hasn't done it since. He gets along great with my small dogs and sometimes does great around the cat. We are working on it. Here he is enjoying a teething bone. He has not tried getting on any of the furniture and hasn't tried to nose into any of my food when I eat. I have left him out of his crate and with my dogs for about 4 hours and he did just fine. He doesn't love walking into his crate but will with a little treat. He behaves perfectly in his crate.

The weather has been amazing so the dogs turn into lawn ornaments. Here Roadie is scratching an itch. Unlike my dogs, Roadie doesn't mind being outside. My hounds will do their business and then happily run up to the door right after to be let in. Roadie likes to wander around the yard.

Roadie sharing a bed with Turn, who was not too happy about it, but they managed. This boy is a sweetie. He likes to follow me but isn't super needy.

Shhhh... don't tell my past fosters but Roadie has been one of the best I've had. No accidents since the first day. He gets along great with everyone. He has even gotten used to Louie the cat. He sniffs him sometimes but has made no aggressive moves towards him. They are allowed to be out together now. He does great in the crate. We went for a walk last night and did great on the leash. He is a gentle boy.

Roadie does like to catch some rays and likes spending time outside.

Roadie is able to fold himself to fit into a bed a that may be just a hair too small. He likes sleeping in the dog bed next to my side of the bed. He sleeps great throughout the night.

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