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Wednesday May 16, 2018

Hello. Is there anybody out there?

The only correction I've really needed is when I get nosy about what's on the counter. See, I'm quite tall, and I can reach the edge of the counter quite easily. I have not yet taken anything, but if I were left alone, I might take food if it were near the edge of the counter.

My foster parents say "No!" when I go to the counter, and I listen. I do want to please them.

I like squeaky toys. In the picture above, you can see me with my favorite one. If you take me into your home as your "home boy", the toy comes along with me!!

I plan to be at 100 Oaks this Saturday, so come out and meet me!!

Sunday May 13, 2018

Floyd's First Public Outing!

This is Floyd's foster Dad. Floyd is in the middle of his after-dinner nap and couldn't wake up enough to write today.

Friday evening, Floyd had his first public outing. He went to the Musicians Corner event at Centennial Park. There were LOTS of new sounds, new smells, and people.

Floyd did very well. He greeted both people and dogs. He really likes small children. My guess is that they always smell of food!

By the end of the evening, he was worn out! He laid down in the van all the way back home, and crashed once we got there.

But, the next morning, he was ready to go. He is becoming a little more forward in asking for attention. He will let you pet him anywhere and any place, and always has. In the past few days, he's starting to come up to us and ask for a neck rub or ear scratch.

He has been an outstanding house guest. He sleeps all night and doesn't wake us up early. He just patiently waits for us to get up and let him out!

Friday May 11, 2018

Retirement is my JAM!

Hey everybody! Floyd here!

Wow, I am REALLY digging this retirement job! My day consists of: wake up, go potty, eat breakfast, morning nap, eat lunch, go potty, early afternoon nap, eat supper, go potty, evening nap, go potty, go to bed and sleep all night!

And I don't even have to pay for this!

I am one laid back guy. I've been good with the resident greyhounds and the resident Beagle ... no growls or even nasty looks.

I met some little humans called grandchildren, and I loved them. They smelled interesting, and they were just the right height to pet me. I hope they come back soon.

I love to be petted by people. Anywhere is fine with me. If you scratch my neck, I'll put me head into your chest or stomach and let you keep it up!

I do my business in the yard. If they let me stay out past that, I just look for a shady spot and lay down.

But the best thing is to just snooze in the house. Retirement is great. Now, I just need to find someone to offer me my forever home, and I'll be all set!

Tuesday May 8, 2018

Moving on and Changing Sides

Hey everybody! Floyd here!

Well, I had to move. My first foster home had kitties and I was WAY to interested in them to stay. So, a man came over and took me to a new foster home. I asked him to take a selfie with me!!

When I ride in the car, I like to see where we are going. I also like this spot because the air conditioner blows on my face.

But, I also chill in the car too. I'm a tall, skinny guy. Dr. Carol said that I'm underweight so I get THREE meals a day for a while. This is GREAT!

I've been in my new foster home less than a day, but I'm getting along with everyone. I'll get back to you later when I have more information about this new place.

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