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Nathan Wahl & Lisa Gordon

Monday May 21, 2018

That Face!

Jetson had a big weekend. He showed that he really likes to go places in the car. Any time we walk near the car, he likes to check it out. First, he rode along with us to take his foster sister to the vet for her annual exam. He did great inside the vet's office, despite lots of barking small dogs, meowing cats in their crates, and the general chaos in the lobby. He wasn't afraid there at all, but liked to greet people with that whipping, wagging tail.

Sunday he went to the Mayday Brewery Purple Paws event. He encountered other breeds of pups there. He got to hang out with his new buddy, fellow greyhound Don. It was a very hot day and he was tuckered out when he got back to the house. Later that night he got to sample some Brussels sprouts and salmon skin. He thought they were great!

One of the cutest things he does is that when he roaches, he waves with his front paws, sort of his version of patty cake!

Thursday May 17, 2018

5 o'clock Shadow

How do you like Jetson's 5 o'clock shadow? We think he's pretty handsome.

Jetson is doing well adjusting to being inside a home. He is not afraid of the thunder, and seems pretty okay with the vacuum cleaner. He was curious where the voices were coming from when the radio was on, though he doesn't really pay attention to the t.v.

The past two nights he surprised us after his last walk of the evening by putting himself in the crate on his own. We had been leading him there and saying good night.

His needle nose likes to inspect things and he was particularly interested in the smell of our coffee and herbal tea. We had to guard the cups!

Today, Jetson demonstrated that he can be quite talkative. Two different times today he got in a bowing position and started "chatting" away, grumbling to the resident senior hound that he wanted to play! This was not barking, but more of what we think of as greyhound speak. Unfortunately, his housemate did not want to play. For this reason we think he might be happier in a home with a younger or more energetic dog, or perhaps children. We are working on getting him to not jump up on people when he first encounters them. That would be a concern with a little person since Jetson does not realize how big he is.

He really does have a lot of love to share. Come meet him at Mayday this weekend and he will prove it!

Monday May 14, 2018

Fun New Things to Do

Jetson likes to play with stuffed toys.

In the summer heat, he has discovered he not only loves ice cream for dogs, but also ice cubes!

Outside he has encountered a bunny which he chased to the other side of the fence (thankfully), and a few toads that have hopped across our paths on walks down the street. Another neighborhood cat walked across the front porch and Jetson was interested from the inside of the glass door, but he was wagging his tail.

He's getting more settled into the daily routines and does well in his crate while we are at work.

He will be at the Purple Paws event at Mayday Brewery this Sunday. Come and meet this sweetheart!

Wednesday May 9, 2018

I Am a Happy Guy

Jetson has made lots of progress the past 3 days!

Getting down to business...though he has marked in the house, he is learning that is not desirable. At first he was reluctant to poop while on leash walks, but he is okay with it now.

On to the fun stuff...

Jetson loves to collect new things and bring them to his bed. He's a pretty adept sock thief, but never chews anything up or harms it.

Today Jetson ate out of the raised dish feeder for the first time. He also is gently taking treats from our hands now. Today he sampled some cooked cauliflower and carrots and decided they were pretty tasty. He also loves a peanut butter filled Kong after dinner.

He was curious about a cat at the other side of the glass door but the cat was not amused and left after Jetson greeted it with a bark.

We are vigilant coming and going from outside as his needle nose is ready to poke his way past people.

Jetson is one of the happiest dogs we've met and he wants to be with people and make them happy, too!

Sunday May 6, 2018

Meet Sweet Jetson

Jetson is a sweet young guy who is full of curiosity. He is only 2 and came straight from the farm, not having raced. Everything is new and interesting to him and he was a little unsure about the glass door, the step up across the threshold, and food in a raised dish. However, Jetson is eager to please! He LOVES people.

He slept straight through the first night in his crate without a peep. He is pretty good on leash walks and did well in the car ride home. He is fascinated by the handsome guy in the reflection of the TV, window, and fireplace doors, and he has had to be told to get down from rearing up on the furniture to look into the TV. He responds well to "No!"

We have never encountered a greyhound who is not food motivated. He would not eat his meals in the raised dish so we put it in his crate. After a few minutes, he did eat. He has yet to take a treat or be interested in them.

He has discovered toys and likes to play and take a nap with them.

Jetson is a real sweetheart who is going to give his new family a lot of love! His tail is always wagging with glee. He roached several times his very first day. His very favorite thing? Belly rubs!!!!

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