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Susan Allen Broersma

Friday March 30, 2018


Already can't wait to meet Alpina tomorrow!

Goodnight, sweet Alpina.

What a sweet, timid girl. Not a peep out of her all night. Doing her business outside. No problem with the cats, small dog or 5 year old granddaughter. I'll be happy when she feels more comfortable. She won't take a treat from my hand yet. She'll sniff it and turn her head. I put it down and she takes it. We'll get there. We have all the time we need.

She is absolutely beautiful! So tiny compared to our Rollo

Breakfast time!

This sweet brindle is still very shy around folks but she is starting to befriend our resident grey, Rollo. I think she probably has loads of personality. She's just keeping it to herself still.

She's had one accident in the house, which I always blame it on me not paying close enough attention. She dies seem to know what outside is for. She's very content hanging out in her crate. Sleeps through the night without a peep.

Alpina is really starting to cone out of her shell! She is wandering around the house a lot more and not running away from us so quickly. She is starting to show interest in stuffies, but hasn't bothered any of our things. And -she's a chatterer! Those teeth were going a mile a minute this morning. I think she was telling me about the storm last night. She seemed a little uneasy and stuck pretty close to me during all the lightening and thunder at the beginning, but not bad enough to be of concern. She's doing fine with the other animals still. A sweet little girl. Loving her tiger stripes!

Waiting for breakfast. Mom moving too slow, as usual.

This morning, the tail was not between the legs. This morning, the tail was wagging!!! She is still very, very shy, but she IS coming out of that shell. She and Rollo are becoming fast pals (pardon th he pun).

At this point, Alpina plans on being at the 100 Oaks Pet Smart Meet and Greet Saturday. I anticipate we will get there around 12:30 until it's over. Come out and meet this sweet girl!

Ali Girl is going to her first M&G tomorrow, AND a home visit. Busy day ahead!

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