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Friday June 22, 2018

My ears have a mind of their own

Friday June 22, 2018

Fast and (not at all) Furious!!!

Note from Foster mom -

While this might look like a normal playdate, this is HUGE progress for Alpina. Her first two weeks living with me she was very skittish about everything, including our dog park. She would do her business super quick, then pace around looking anxious and uncomfortable, and then she'd hover by the door we came in from hoping to go back inside. She was not playful whatsoever.

Now she is basically a new dog (inside my apartment and in our park). She loves to outrun my beagle (not difficult...) and she initiates play with the other dogs in my building who are in the park with us. So wonderful to watch her transform.

Inside my apartment she shows more and more of her personality each day - she's quite bouncy and playful. She now lets me hug and snuggle her without pulling away from me. She likes getting petted now, whereas before she'd move away from me as soon as I tried to touch her. So much improvement.

Still have not experienced ANY separation anxiety, and I credit that to having my dog and cat with her at all times when I am gone. I truly believe she just needs a buddy and she'll be totally fine.

Friday June 22, 2018

I could get used to this view.... but I don’t want to because I’m still waiting for my forever home!!!

Wednesday June 20, 2018

Thursday June 14, 2018

Thursday June 14, 2018

No sep anxiety with good company

The resident hound kept me company all day while foster mom was at work and I didn’t make a peep. Slept the whole day. But now she’s home sooooo it’s playtime!!!!!

Thursday June 14, 2018

Sometimes I feel like the resident beagle thinks he owns the place!!

Seriously??? He steals my bed and leaves me to squeeze into his tiny donut bed. Is anyone going to do something about this!??? Clearly I am very bothered..... I mean, look at me, I am in utter distress here.

Thursday June 14, 2018

Update from Foster Mom

Lots of progress being made with Alpina - it’s day 4. From the start I’ve experienced no separation anxiety with her, and she is not a Velcro dog with me. If anything, she’s the opposite - she has taken a while to warm up and let me love on her, still has a long way to go. She likes to be around me (i.e. follow me into the bathroom or bedroom) but then I’ll go to pet her and she will shy away. This morning she let me love on her for several minutes for the first time, so that feels like major progress. Until this morning, she would not look me in the eyes (generally submissive behavior) but now she’ll let me hold her head in my hands and rub her behind her ears.

She shows a little bit more of her personality every day, which is playful and adorable. After being in the crate for a couple hours, when I let her out she’s as playful as ever (tries to get my beagle to wrestle with her, throws toys around, and is generally very happy!!). Other than that, she’s just like any greyhound - sleeps most of the day, loves her crate, very food motivated.

I think she just needs a buddy (or more!), some consistency, and patience until she becomes more warm and loving towards people.

Monday June 11, 2018

Love having a buddy to terrorize..I mean, *play* with

In less than a day here at Foster Mom 2.0’s house, I’ve found that my favorite thing to do is to slowly take the resident hound’s toys one by one from his toy bin, and hoard them in my crate. Then he tries to steal them back and then I get to play with him. He’ll never get them back - that’s what he deserves for always stealing my bed. Luckily I love hanging out in my crate...with all of his toys muahahah.

Monday June 11, 2018

Walked in, said hi to the resident beagle, sniffed the resident cat, found my crate, got cozy, and now we sleep. Zzzzzzz.

And the cat is totally boring, by the way. Boooo.

Monday June 11, 2018

Foster Home 2.0!

Heading to my new foster home today! Heard this place has a dog and a cat....excited for the company!!

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