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Susan Allen Broersma

Sunday January 21, 2018

Henri's first day

Henri has made himself right at home. He has had zero accidents in the house, does his business outside like a pro on the lead. He goes into his crate with no problem, and even hangs out there when he doesn't need to be. He gets along greyt with our other grey, Rollo. He is not agressive with our cats or small dog, and he loves hanging out with our granddaughter. I think he likes this retirement thing!

Henri put himself to bed tonight.

After spending a few days with Henri, all I can say is, it's gonna be hard to say goodbye this guy when he moves on to his forever family. Other than he likes to counter surf, he 's perfect! And he responds well to correction when he gets too curious in the kitchen. He crates perfectly, sleeps through the night, he walks on a lead and does his business perfectly, zero accidents in the house, he hasn't put anything in his mouth that's not food other than a stuffie and he's not real interested in those. He's greyt with the kids. He doesn't bother the cats. We have all fallen in love with him. Here's hoping that his new family needs a hound sitter occasionally so he can come back to visit. He's going to be the perfection addition for that family. A beautiful soul.

Perfect hound! Henri has the black collar. Yesterday he mastered the stairs. Hardwood floors? No problem. Sleep all night? No problem. Being loved on all the time hy big folks and small? No problem! Greyt, greyt baby.

Sweet, loving, lovable boy.

Henri is planning on being at the 100 Oaks Pet Smart Meet and Greet.this Saturdau.from around 12:30 to at.least 1:30.

Henri has put himself to bed. He's such a good dog. Couldn't ask for a better behaved friend than this guy.

Waiting til time for Henri's first M&G. First he has to endure all the lovin' he's gonna get from the knitting group friends. I think he can handle it.... Henri is a lover, that's for sure.

Meet and Greets are so much fun! We met lots of nice folks that thought Henri was wonderful. Now we're already for a rainy day nap. The pups are getting a head start. (Not real sure why this pic is turned sideways. I have tried to correct it several times, but it keeps landing like this. So, please turn your head to the right when you're looking at it. :-) )

Henri is gentle enough that CeeJay feeds his dinner.....

and his breakfast. He is a doll!

Henri is planning on being at the 100 Oaks Meet and Greet Saturday 2-3-18 from around noon til 2. Hope to see you there!!!

Resting up for the Meet and Greet tomorrow. See you there!

Meet n Greet wore him out today. He did so good . He and Manny wound it up.

Sorry it's been so quiet. Working extra hours this week, whuch leads to no extra time to post. We've had a good week. Seems Henri is a little bored and could use a run. Weather, work schedules and dogs I'm not confortable letting my dogs run with at the dog park have prevented that. We're going to just have to get wet with a good long walk this afternoon. Home visit tomorrow!

Home visit today!!!!!!

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