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Cameron & Megan Cowden

Wednesday January 24, 2018

Nui found her voice - and the toys!

Guess what? Sweet Nui has a sweet little bark! She doesn’t use it at the neighbor dogs or the cat, she saves it for when she has to potty at night (which was actually helpful to avoid an accident) and when she wanted to play with her foster brother. Nui also is adjusting to life off the track in that she now loves squeaky toys! It took her a few days to figure it out but she will now go get a toy, take it to her bed and make it squeak!! She bows and wags her tail at the toy a few times first as if to say, “okay I’m coming for ya squeakers!”

We are still working on the stairs but she’ll get the up part soon. She’s a pro at going down. She’s quite the little (foster) mama’s girl, following me from room to room.

Monday January 22, 2018

So much to learn

Nui is learning so much about home life! We took a walk with her foster brother and she is learning to go potty during our walks and not just in the yard. She goes down 3 stairs each time to potty but on her way back up Nui usually opts to leap to the top rather than step her way up. Today we tackled 5 steps up and after some nervous tail wagging - she did it!

Speaking of tail wagging, this girl greets you with a tail wag every time! We adore her and can’t wait to find her forever family. Here’s a picture of Nui sneaking under my desk to say hello.

Sunday January 21, 2018

The sweetest girl

Nui is such a calm, sweet little girl! She is completely house trained and loves roaming in the yard. She met the neighbors’ dogs and didn’t bark or anything! She got her first walk today and we tried a harness to keep her from pulling. She did fantastic! She was so exhausted after our walk that she slept on her bed for hours. She is so super sweet - even to our 2 year old. She hasn’t shown interest in playing with a toy but we have discovered she’s a thief! She will swipe a toy, a sock, or even a shoe and bring it to her bed. But she doesn’t chew, she just likes to keep them next to her. Such a sweetheart! She also did great in her crate.

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