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Friday March 23, 2018

Finding Joy in the Simple Things

While Heart does love the squeakers in her toys, her old stand-by is still an empty water-bottle tied up in a sock. She's a simple girl with simple tastes, preferring the pragmatism of re-purposing. Plus, this opens up additional resources to give her more pets and treats!

Oh, I shouldn't have been so loud. She heard "pets" and "treats" and is coming to investigate now...

Thursday March 1, 2018

New Discovery: Toys Squeak!

Heart is continuing her journey into pet-hood. She recently discovered that some of her toys have squeakers, but is still figuring out how they actually work. She spent some time going through her different toys gnawing away waiting for that moment of fleeting excitement when the toy talks back to her.

In general her preference leans towards the toy that is closest to her, but her favorite toy is not one of the nice, soft, plushy, squeaky toys. Nope, that would make too much sense for this goofball.

No, her favorite toy is an empty plastic water bottle stuffed into an old sock. Naturally...

She loves to get home and romp around with her toys, and there seems to be a direct relationship between how enthusiastically she's playing, and how hungry she is. Maybe she's trying to distract herself, or maybe she is secretly hoping that these magic toys will yield another discovery--snacks! If she's hoping for the latter, she might have a long wait

Wednesday February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is one of Heart's favorite days. She would say, "my name is Heart, and Valentine's Day has lots of hearts. It's like a true Tinder romance. Swipe right for love!"

Of course, she's a dog so she can't say those things. She can't really say anything, but she does bark and cry sometimes if she's feeling chatty. Ultimately, Heart doesn't mind if it is Valentine's Day or any other day of the year--she just wants to show you some love!

Monday February 12, 2018

New Skill Discovered!

Heart can be seen here showing off her new skill--drinking and (not pictured) eating while laying down.

Every day is a new adventure!

Wednesday January 31, 2018

Sleeping on the Job...

This will be reflected on your annual review.

Monday January 29, 2018

On Patrol

Heart had a great weekend. On Saturday she went to her first meet-and-greet at the 100 Oaks Petsmart. She was happy to see some friendly greyhound faces, but was ready to go after 30 or 45 minutes. So many new noises and smells got a little overwhelming!

Then she had a nice lazy Sunday watching TV, napping, and patrolling the (fenced in) back yard while the sun was out. She typically wants to do her business and head back upstairs, but after we put up a high-tech barrier (the blue chairs in the above picture), she decided to wander the yard for a bit.

She's getting better at stairs, but we've noticed that she prefers to be on her leash and led down them instead of tackling them on her own.

This week's new adventure will be teeth brushing!

Friday January 26, 2018

Office Mascot

Heart has been coming into the office this week, and is a popular new employee. She likes to make new friends and enjoys all of the pets and attention she gets from people passing by.

If you want to meet Heart too, come by the 100 Oaks Petsmart on Saturday 01/27 and say hi!

Tuesday January 23, 2018

Deep in thought

Heart, seen here deep in her existential musings on finding purpose in retirement, what it actually means to be a "good girl," and why the bunnies never want to play with her...

...but then all of that heavy intellectual lifting tired her out and she decided to assume the classic Greyhound roach position for a well deserved nap

Monday January 22, 2018

Big Weekend!

Heartbreak Hotel, known as Heart to her friends, had a big weekend. She struggled to get into the car, but once we got going she was curiously looking out the window and helping to co-pilot until she got sleepy and took a nap in the back seat

Once we got her home we had to tackle the stairs. We live on the 2nd floor up a walkup, so mastering them is critical. She's a champ going up, but coming down can be a little scary sometimes. Usually a piece of chicken and a gentle nudge is all she needs. Once she gets going she can manage them, but it's still a slow process for her

To help Heart get used to retired life we took her out on a walk to a local bar. She got to meet lots of friendly new people, and even tried to play board games with us! While walking we did learn she doesn't like big noisy trucks, though.

All in all, Heart is doing great. She's a little unsure of her new retired life and she's getting used to all of the new noises and smells, but is getting more used it every day!

Heart is sleeping good tonight. She's back in foster care and was able to get on the furniture in her previously adopted home. So that is what it is, which is fine with us. She has settled in beautifully. It appears she simply does not need to be the only four-legged critter in the house. What a sweetheart!

Good morning! Is it breakfast time yet?

Breakfast wore me out. Time for bed......zzzzzz

Just chillin' today, being lazy. I really am the perfect little guest. I am very well behaved. I don't need to be crated ever. I don't bother anything that isn't mine. I don't bother the resident cats. I'm greyt with the resident kid. I love to snuggle at night. My only quirk is I don't like being alone. My forever family needs to either have a resident hound to pal around with or be able to have me with them for me to be content. My foster family is able to provide human company most of the time, and Rollo, the resident grey is a greyt buddy to pal around with. He shares everything with me. It's a perfect situation for me. I love to go for car rides and will go anywhere you take me. 🐾

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