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Friday August 31, 2018

Sweet Millie Mouse

Precious Millie has started to get more comfortable in her new house and is starting to LOVE snuggles. She likes to wake us up with sweet little sniffs from the side of the bed and nudge our hands into petting her tummy.

Millie is definitely scared of storms but is happy to retreat to the pillow we have set up for her in our closet when she hears rain or thunder. We have awoken the past couple of nights to her getting up and trotting into her safe place where she sleeps quietly until the rain passes.

Wednesday August 29, 2018

Toys toys toys!

Millie LOVES her toys. She is often seen digging into the various toy bins around the house and if she is squeaking one at turnout time, she takes it with her!

Sunday August 26, 2018

Royal Hound

My name is Princess Millie and I am the kindest girl in all the land. I enjoy lounging on my throne passing out smiles to the people and animals who wander by, and I have impeccable manners. I enjoy the good squeak of a toy and a warm, soft pet from a human, and they say I am quite frisky for a girl of my age. But of course, a princess doesn't play rough or for too long.

Monday January 15, 2018

Such a big heart!!!

We took Millie shopping today and she was so sweet and well behaved!!!

Friday January 12, 2018

Snow bunnies

Thursday January 11, 2018

More playtime pics

Thursday January 11, 2018

The pack at play

Millie playing the the back yard with her foster sissie, Rosie, along with a dear friend’s dog who rounds out the pack.

Wednesday January 10, 2018

Another sleeping pose

Sleeping beauty

Monday January 8, 2018


Monday January 8, 2018

An evening at home

Getting a little after dinner treat

Getting my toes dried after a potty break in the rain. Thank goodness Rosie and I wear the same size.

And settling in for a cozy evening at home.

Monday January 8, 2018

Millie, in black and white

Meet beautiful and sweet Millie. We have had the privilege of knowing Millie for many years as we babysat her multiple times. When her owners had to make the heartbreaking decision to surrender her, we were more than happy to take her in to our home as she awaits her next chapter. I know Millie well, and can say uniquivocally that she is a near perfect dog. She has excellent house manners, does not get on the furniture, is a great eater, walks well on a leash, gets along well with her foster sister and is loving and affectionate. It will be a lucky home that adds her as an addition.

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