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Wednesday November 22, 2017

Some outdoors fun

Fire carried outside his favorite stuffie and - WOW!! - he had fun!! I wish I had taken more pictures, but you get the idea of an energized, playful greyhound boy!!

Of course, all play comes to an end and, being a greyhound, a long nap must follow! Rest up til next time, Fire!

Sunday November 19, 2017

My Thanksgiving Guest!

Fire will be staying here for the holiday and, after 2 days, he's made himself right at home! We've been getting to know each other, so it's time to share some pictures and few things about him.

He's a social fellow and has done *great* with the other hounds here. No squabbles over beds or food or stuffies! When I hand out treats, he's ready for his, BUT he's very gentle when he takes them from my hand. Greatly appreciated!!!

Fire loves a good run in the yard!

Or just sniffing all the good smells. As you can see he is a stunningly handsome boy :-)))

He did great in the thunderstorm last night. No sign of anxiety with the noise. I do have to watch him at the front door - he's ready to run, lol! He's learning "No, GET BACK!" ;-)

Fire is 3 1/2 years old but still has some puppy in him! He barks sometimes, loves attention, often follows me around the house (but not always), and loves his stuffies! He's been an early riser but I'm working on that! ;-)

Fire is a very loving and sweet hound, and just wants some love in return ♥♥♥

Sunday October 15, 2017

Welcome to Retirement, Fire!

This is Fire. He arrived from Pensacola on Saturday and decided to show off just how greyt he is at retirement! He got a bath, his nails trimmed, a thorough health check, and a chance to meet all kinds of new people! His favorite was the little tiny human being who kept giggling and running away. That was so much fun that Fire went back to play with him again and again!

After all the excitement was done at the dog drop, Fire jumped right into a car and rode pretty well to his new foster house. Fire is a curious pup, and occasionally he tried to suggest alternate routes, but overall he did well in the car, eventually he laid down and rode comfortably (he may also have put his head out the window to test the aerodynamics of his head).

Once at the foster house, he stepped out of the car and went into the back yard for some introductions to the resident hounds. Both of them conducted a thorough inspection and declared "yep, he's a greyhound" and then went about their business of patrolling the yard. Fire decided this was a fun game and followed along, happy to learn the ropes from the pack.

All the fun and games completed, he walked up the stairs (like a pro) and explored the house. It was a big day, and once he'd found a comfy bed, he demonstrated his ability to nap (like a pro). GOOD BOY!

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