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Wednesday November 8, 2017

Not a fan of the rain, but look like a model in this coat!

Berry is doing much better on the lead. She is not a fan of the rain, but eventually went outside. She is very alert, so I have less slack on the lead when walking. Her manners are getting better every day. She goes into the kennel well, most times. She has also done very well sleeping and staying quiet at nighttime. She does need us to keep an eye on her if she is up and about. At this time, she gets no unsupervised kitchen time. We are still working with her on not counter surfing, but she does respond well to correction.

She loves her stuffies. Today she chased and played with a squeaky ball until the squeaker part died. She definitely loved making the noise. We have also learned she loves to look out the windows, so we have opened the blinds for her to check out the interesting things outside.

Monday November 6, 2017

Another good day

Berry had another good day. She hardly made a peep last night in the kennel. She is walking so much better on the lead. Our new task to work on this week is counter surfing.

Sunday November 5, 2017

A little rest after so much fun...

Less than 24 hours in a new foster home and we understand why Berry would need a little rest. She has an abundance of energy. There are many words that we have already come up with to describe Berry and I am sure we will have many more as we continue to get to know her: playful, friendly, distractable, adventurous, alert, persistent, affectionate, vocal and entertaining. She definitely is one special girl. She is a joy to be around.

Her leash walking manners seem like they are improving with each adventure. She really wanted to say hi to the neighbor cat, but we declined the offer. She did her business on the lead quickly this morning. No accidents in the house. She vocalizes her thoughts quite readily, by barking and whining when she is playing or wants something. I'm sure she is going to have a whole lot more to say. She is loving the new basket of toys and has enjoyed having my kids play with her by tossing the stuffies. She has even found fun in tossing around one of her dog beds covered with a blanket. Who says you can only play with toys? Overall, day one at a new house has been great.

Saturday November 4, 2017

Berry and our girl Tiki both love the slumber ball, but since they're BFF's, they don't mind sharing. They climb in there together and neither makes a fuss about it. I would have bought the extra-large size if I could have predicted this!

Friday November 3, 2017

Berry loves the new Slumber Ball! She has been a wonderful house guest! She's quiet and gentle and loves to be outside. Always up for some petting and she loves her toys!

Friday November 3, 2017

The washing machine was the must-see event of the day.

Friday November 3, 2017

Monday October 30, 2017

On her first morning with us, Berry didn't waste any time finding a spot in the sun for snoozing.

Monitoring the front yard for bunnies...I know they're out there!

Chilling with her new friends

Saturday October 21, 2017


Berry came in on October 15th. She is such a sweet playful little girl!

She has been getting along really well in her foster home and plays very nicely with the other greyhounds!

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