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Tuesday October 24, 2017

Learning to share

Friday continues to enjoy leaning the ropes of retired life. Here he is discovering the comfort of a couch and even sharing it nicely with his foster sister Love. There are only 2 couches in the house where dogs are allowed, and he's still working on that part. :)

Friday is a sweet, laid back and loving boy who is looking for someone to love him. Could that someone be you?

Thursday October 19, 2017

Good Friday!

Friday is a very sweet and friendly boy. He has been interactive with the 2 humans and 3 resident hounds since he arrived a few days ago. He is very curious but responds quickly to a stern "no!"

Friday's favorite activity is looking out the windows at all the outside activity. Squirrels, chipmunks, and groundhogs especially interest him.

He has only tried to mark once in the house the first night he was here and has been perfect with his potty habits other than that

This sweet, affectionate, handsome boy is truly a "Good Friday." He will make whoever adopts him very happy.

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