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Jennifer Norton
Merry Christmas!

Foster Family

Thursday November 23, 2017


We took Spice along to meet the family for Thanksgiving! She's realizing that sitting in the car is vastly superior to standing.

Little Jackson was a bit afraid of her when we first walked in, but he warmed up to her after seeing how calm and well mannered she is! She was polite the entire night, despite all the new people and sounds and smells. Everyone ooh'd and ahh'd over her.

Retirement is great!

Thursday October 19, 2017

Doing great!

Spice loves grass naps!

She's such a pretty girl! She has learned that the cats are not to be messed with and she hasn't had a single housebreaking accident.

She really loves chasing toys in the backyard for about five minutes and then she's ready for nap time again.

She made her first trip to Petsmart and was a total ANGEL. She walked politely on her leash and was nice to little kids who wanted to pet her. She mostly ignored the other dogs around. She got lots of yummy treats!

Monday October 16, 2017


Spice is a sweet girl who loves to zoom around the yard and play, but also walks great on a leash. We've had no house breaking accidents so far.

She crates easily and loves people. We're working on leaving the cats alone and whining when people leave, but I'm confident she'll catch on quick!

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