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Annie Sansevere
In thanks to Amy Kerr.

Michael and Gina Julian

Foster Family

Monday October 2, 2017

Look into My Eyes

Maisy has very expressive eyes. It's hard to tell if he's saying, "yes, treats, yes, preferably McDonalds" or "Adopt me. Adopt me now!"

First, we have to wait for his broken leg to finish healing.(See the green bandage on his lower right leg?) Once he's certified healed, he'll be ready for his forever home. We're projecting that'll be toward the end of December.

Saturday September 16, 2017

Serious EST

Maisy is recovering nicely from surgery to repair his broken leg. Things are going so well, he's decided to show us his EST, also known as Escaped Tongue Syndrome.

Some people call this look generally "derp." According to greyhound cartooniest Rich Skipworth, derp describes the facial expression of a greyhound that seems to imply complete and utter spaced-out, empty-headed weirdness. Usually accompanied by Escaped Tongue Syndrome.

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