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Mardy Fones & Ray Wong

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Sunday November 12, 2017

Sunday November 12, 2017

Meet & Greets, playtime, and nap time!

Dream went to the meet and greet at 100 Oaks. She did great in the car and loved all the attention!

Just look at that pretty face!

The best way to pick the best toy is to pull them all out of the box before making any final decisions! 😀

Getting cozy on the slumber ball. The resident hound doesn't mind sharing. She's making herself quite comfortable here!

Wednesday October 4, 2017

This is so BORING

Dream says, "Recovering from blown plantar ligament surgery is so boring." Can't really blame her, though we do try to keep her entertained...peanut butter Kong, bully sticks and tracheas, reruns of "Supernatural." She's a really good sport about it all, but lives for those short walks in the backyard to do her business. To encourage recovery of the injured leg, we walk v-e-r-y slowly in the yard. That forces her to use that leg, but as we all know, slow is not a greyhound's natural state.

Monday August 28, 2017

Dream Shadow

The full solar eclipse was amazing and Dream thought so, too, though I don't think she cared. Ray caught her in profile as the sun was almost covered by the moon and created multitudes of crescent-shaped stripes. Dream looks like she has a new kind of brindle coat.

Out in the yard, the crescents were longer.

Monday August 21, 2017

Welcome WW's Dreamland

Dream's a sweetheart. She's not quite two but has left her racing career behind her owing to an injury in her third race.

She spent some time in a foster home in Florida, so she's well acclimated to home life. Crates great and her housebreaking has been excellent. She's getting along with the resident dogs but has yet to meet Earl, the resident cat. Will post about her catitude when we have more information..

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