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Tuesday September 12, 2017


Hey everyone! My name is Dakota, but I answer to Dax too for short. I've been here a couple of weeks now, and am enjoying my retirement so far... mostly.

I am cute, social, and have a great sense of humor!

I love meeting new people, and going places. I would love to live with someone who is active and will take me out and about with them. I've been a real hit the few times that foster mom has taken me to her office.

I enjoy my beds and my treats, but I am not food driven at all. My foster family doesn't understand why I'm not devouring the lamb ear that's been laying on top of my face for the past 30 minutes. Maybe I'll eat it later. Maybe I won't.

Here's to the parts of retirement that I don't like...

1) Hard floors: We've tried rugs, booties, and treats, but I haven't had much improvement. Foster mom knows the lady that has my dad and some of his siblings. They are all afraid of hard floors, too. What a coincidence! I went to a M&G last week. After about the first hour or so of seeing all of the other dogs act ok, I started (nervously) doing alright too, but once all of those dogs were gone, I was afraid again. I have moments where I do ok, but then I freeze again. I often panic and go ice skating, or sometimes I will fall all the way down. Occasionally, I have to be carried to a safe place. My aversions include: hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, and even the smooth concrete floors in the garage, whether they are shiny/slick or not.

2) I have some spatial issues. These may get better over time. Sometimes I can get a little growly when I'm on my bed while awake, and I do have sleep startle/aggression. Foster mom says I will not be a furniture hound anytime soon. I am great with kids, but a home with small children may not be the best place for me because of this issue.

3) I don't like being left alone. I cry when left in my crate, and have soiled it a few times. I've had to have a few baths... I don't like those things either.

Overall, Dakota is a really good boy. He's social, he follows the rules, and is very friendly. He just has some obstacles to get around.

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